Meet your 2020 PGC!

Your student voice on campus.

The PGC is made up of a President, Vice-President, Office Bearers and unpaid Councillors. Together they run regular campaigns, collective meetings and more.

Office Bearers

Xi Shi (Brenda)

PGC President

Xi Shi is currently a PhD Candidate of Materials Science & Engineering and serving as the PGC President. 

My vision is to Increase the popularity of PGC among UNSW postgraduates by 30%. And become a management trainee at an international company after graduation.

Hafiz Afzal

PGC Vice President

Naqash Afzal is the Scientia PhD Scholar pursuing a PhD Candidature of Neurophysiology and Biomedical Engineering and serves as the PGC Vice President. 

Being an enthusiastic and well-balanced individual, I have been a passionate advocate for our student body. I am a PhD student with majors in neuroscience. My vision is to help students socially and help them to make their time memorable at UNSW by creating an environment possessing certain features i.e. freedom of expression. Working in an international environment for last 6 years, being multi-lingual and being the former member of PGC as the Equity Officer, I am extremely aware of the problems faced by the graduate students. My record exemplifies passionate, self-driven advocacy on behalf of all of us. I care about your interests and your voice. I care about making sure campus opportunities are as equally distributed as possible for each one of you. Come share your ideas, and I will make them happen. I hope to become an academic in a well-reputed and well-ranked global university after graduation.

Jerry Offor

Research Students Officer

Jerry Offor is a Scientia PhD Candidate of Biotechnology and present PGC Research Students Officer.

I will be advocating for the implementation of a range of student issues designed to provide increased levels of professional exposure and opportunities for all Postgraduate students. I wholeheartedly believe in the tenants of the UNSW 2025 Strategy. I hope to become a Computational Biologist and Data Analyst after graduation.

Manan Mehta

PGC Events Officer

Manan Mehta is currently pursuing a Master of Commerce Extension (Business Analytics, Economics & Finance) and serving as the PGC Events Officer. 

As the Event's Officer I am here to take the responsibility, tackle challenges and to deliver experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. I wish to craft memories and spark connections through PGC's benchmark events. All I need is your support, your encouragement and your energy. I hope to become a renowned investment banker after completing my studies.

Antara Dey

PGC Women’s Officer

Antara Dey is currently pursuing a Master of Public Relations & Advertising/ Master of Design and serving as the PGC Women’s Officer. 

As the Women’s Officer I look forward to working towards an inclusive, liberating and safe environment for the women community of UNSW. I want to encourage my fellow women students from the main Kensington as well as the Paddington campus to participate in more student events, competitions, and campaigns. I hope to use the power and support of my team to advocate free-flowing conversations and help everyone feel judgment-free in this diverse community. Upon graduation, I want to become 1) a brand storyteller who touches hearts through the intangible power of advertising and narratives. 2)A creative who enhances consumer brands, products and services with a unique understanding of the contemporary media landscape, evolving consumer segments and a personal sprinkle of magic.  

Talal Khan

International Students Officer

Talal Khan is a PhD candidate of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication and serves as a PGC International Student’s Officer. As a representative, advocate and voice of Postgraduate students, I would like to contribute significantly towards the international student issues using diverse experience and effectively advocate for the rights and needs of the postgraduate students at multiple stages.

Wenceslao Jaimes

PGC Equity Officer

Wenceslao Jaimes is currently a PhD Candidate of Materials Science and Engineering and serving as the PGC Equity Officer. I plan to increase the actions activities around mental health.Working with the youth and creating the leaders of tomorrow is one of my major passion upon graduation.

Madhav Raman

Coursework Students Officer

Madhav is currently pursuing his Master of Public Health and Health Management and serving as the PGC Coursework Students Officer. I am committed and passionate about engaging with postgraduate students that require guidance in their academic work or ensuring they participate in extracurricular activities offered on campus to have an extraordinary and memorable time at UNSW. I will endeavor to ensure that the PGC continues to prioritize student wellbeing and mental health through various initiatives to overcome the stigma. 

I look forward to becoming an inspirational leader and aiding the PGC in creating a better tomorrow for our postgraduates.  

I want to give the Australian Medical Licensing Exam and pursue my medical career to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. I aim to use my skills from my Master of Public Health and Health Management to debunk the myth that clinicians cannot be good leaders and managers within the healthcare setting. 

Councillors - Electorate A

Awni Etaywe

Awni Etaywe is currently a PhD Candidate of Linguistics and serving as a PGC Councillor (Electorate A). 

My vision is to contribute to the development of Postgraduate students' academic and social experience at UNSW through, first, observing and effectively participating in the PGC event planning and implementation, and, second, by providing a bridge between the postgraduate community and the council. Becoming a discourse analyst who can support the social media companies and security agencies in fighting hate speech and fostering a more peaceful world is my career pursuit.

Disha Rangi

Disha Rangi is currently a pursuing her Master of Law (Juris Doctor) and serving as a PGC Councillor (Electorate A). The expectations from my role boil down to one simple duty; to strive to ensure a healthy learning experience for Postgraduate students at UNSW.

While there are innumerable steps involved in achieving this overarching aim, I am excited to see the result of them all. Answers related to my career change daily. Yesterday, I couldn't wait to become a Litigating Criminal Lawyer. Today, I find myself fancying a job in the field of Intellectual Property. My answers vary, not due to an inability in making decisions, but due to a childish curiosity for the legal field. Perhaps I'll know what my dream job is once my curiosity retires, though I hope it doesn't. Oh, what a pickle!

Shubham Baid

Shubham Baid is currently studying a Master of Commerce Extension (International Business & Management Accounting) and serving as a PGC Councillor (Electorate A). 

My vision is to understand and resolving the problems faced by students at the grassroot level and bringing people together from all walks of life to ensure a larger cosmopolitan community . Management Consultancy is my career pursuit.

Rohan Vora

Rohan Vora is currently studying a Master of Commerce Extension (Marketing, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) and serving as a PGC Councillor (Electorate A).

During this period as a councillor, l want to overcome my stage fright, networking with people, experiencing event planning, marketing and management. Working at Nestle is my dream job after completing studies.

Councillors - Electorate B

Aashna Mittal

Aashna Mittal is currently studying Master of Architecture and serving as a PGC Councillor (Electorate B). 

My vision is to enhance leadership and communication skills. A job in architecture in one of the multi-national companies’ and to join the design team to work on large-scale real-time projects is my dream job after completing studies

Ramanashree Palakshamurthy

Ramanashree Palakshamurthy is currently studying Master of Manufacturing Engineering and Management and serving as a PGC Councillor (Electorate B). 

I look forward to driving the change by steering the direction of the council, and advancing the causes that I and my peers believe in. I have all my fellow UNSW students interests at heart, their voices behind me and I would like to contribute to our university life to make sure that we get the best of opportunities, experiences and resources. I want to help the student community reach out, reach high and reach beyond. I hope to be part of a visible and approachable representative body which helps connect students, sets up opportunities for the alumni to network and share experiences. I will use the knowledge I have gained to best represent and implement my ideas. My dream job would be, a combination of creating products that will make a difference in the world and getting a chance to share them with as many people as possible, to have a big global impact.

Raghav Singh

Raghav Singh is currently studying Master of Information Technology (Artificial Intelligence) and serving as a PGC Councillor (Electorate B). 

I would like to make people more aware about Postgraduate council and our curated events. Personally, I'd like to promote mental health and diversity inclusion awareness and provide as much support to students.I hope to work in the software industry and create smart city technologies after completing studies.

Cathy Deng

Cathy Deng is currently studying Master of Material Science and serving as a PGC Councillor (Electorate B).

I would like to experience event planning and expand my decision-making skills. I would also like to help students learn about postgraduate life and networking events on campus. Hope to pursue my education and explore my field further after completing studies.


PGC President

Xi Shi (Brenda)

PGC Vice President

Naqash Afzal

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