Postgraduate Council

Postgraduate Council

Meet your 2021 PGC!

Your student voice on campus.

The PGC is made up of a President, Vice-President, Office Bearers and unpaid Councillors. Together they run regular campaigns, collective meetings and more.

Office Bearers

Jerry Offor

PGC President

Jerry Offor is a Scientia PhD Scholar from the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science and serves as PGC President. 

My vision for PGC 2021 is to advocate for the implementation of a range of student issues designed to provide an increased level of professional exposure and opportunities for all Postgraduate Students and also work to increase engagement, transparency and communication between Council members and the student community for a better UNSW experience. 

Aside from being a public speaker, leadership coach and advisor to youth leaders. Jerry is vested with the mission of positive mental repositioning, unearthing and maximising potential.


Diana Zhang

PGC Vice President (shared position)

Diana Zhang is a Scientia PhD Scholar from the School of Chemistry and serving as PGC Vice-President. 

My vision for PGC 2021 is to increase transparency and engagement between the Council and the postgraduate community. My aim is to deliver the best opportunities and services available to you. My hope is to lead PGC to new heights and provide support on a world-class level. By leading with empathy, I want to hear from you and learn how PGC can be there for you. 

Aside from being a professional musician and social services volunteer, I aspire to be a female STEM leader and continue my role in support and advocacy by being a public speaker in pro-bono engagements

Ramanashree Palakshamurthy

PGC Vice President (shared position)

Ramanashree Palakshamurthy is a Masters student in School of mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering serving as PGC Vice-President. My vision for PGC 2021 is to make sure Postgraduate students get the best opportunities, experiences accessibility to resources with all the fun that UNSW has to offer. 

I look forward to driving the change by steering the direction of the UNSW as a Vice president, to help the students, “to reach out, reach high and reach beyond “. I Promise to be a VISIBLE and APPROACHABLE representative, how helps to connect students with the alumni network, to sets up opportunities, share experiences and ideas. 

I will use the knowledge which, I have gained as a Engineering Faculty Board member and PGC councillor to best represent and implement the ideas, to make students life better in UNSW

Constantine Tsounis

PGC Research Students' Officer (shared position)

Constantine Tsounis is a Scientia PhD Scholar in the School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW, working in the Particles and Catalysis Research Group. His research focus is on catalyst development for sustainable energy production. Constantine has a passion for entrepreneurship and research translation. 

Constantine co-founded a venture backed startup, switcH2 engineering, a rapid research translation company using catalyst technology to convert industrial waste into hydrogen, a clean burning fuel. Outside of these roles, he is heavily involved in the development of university policy and research strategy to make impact, being elected to the UNSW Council, and Faculty of Engineering Board. 

As the Research Officer to the PGC, Constantine aims to support these strategic objectives by creating personal and professional development opportunities for postgraduate research students, to allow them to connect, and develop skills they will use for life

Mariam Soomro

PGC Research Students' Officer (shared position)

Dr Mariam Soomro is a University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA) PhD Scholar in the School of Population Health (SPH). Her PhD project seeks to understand concussion injuries sustained in elite-level junior and senior rugby union players and assesses the feasibility of concussion assessment tools in the real-time natural sports environment. This research is at the forefront of injury prevention in sports, particularly with the focus on safe return to play.

Mariam has demonstrated excellence in student leadership at UNSW and is currently serving as a Higher Degree Research (HDR) Social Engagement Student Representative and Health and Safety HDR Student officer at SPH. She is also an Accredited Mental Health First Aider.

As a research officer Dr Soomro aims to create professional development and networking opportunities by holding events for research students. She also proposes to design and develop a Needs Assessment Survey which will help to identify workshops in which HDR Students are interested

Emilia Nwakpa

PGC Events Officer (shared position)

Emilia is an energetic and vivacious multitalented international certified Doctor who is currently enrolled in Master of International Public Health (Extension) and Master of Health Management. Emilia’s passion for connecting with people from other ethnic groups led her to joining the UNSW Korean language exchange program.

Emilia’s visionary perspective has earned her opportunities to provide mental health support to the marginalized population in Australia as a representative of Afea Care Services and a member of Flourish Australia team. In addition to providing mental health support, Emilia is also an accomplished dancer. Emilia is well-known for her dancing skills which she uses to elate people and encourage healthy living while enjoying the fun that comes with dancing. 

As the event officer with skills in healthcare and entertainment and experience in event planning, Emilia aims to inspire a harmonious and collaborative relationship in the UNSW community and to make students' life enjoyable and worthwhile by engaging postgraduate students in various social and career-related online and in-person events

Swarali Marathe

PGC Events Officer (shared position)

Swarali is a passionate UNSW student currently pursuing a Masters degree in Public Relations and Journalism. As a proactive member of the UNSW community, she participates in many Arc events and is a secretary of Arc’s Public Speaking Society. 

She’s also a student representative of the School of Arts and Media. Apart from that, she’s an enthusiast who loves to socialise and communicate with her fellow mates. As an events officer, she strives to organise events with an aim of collaboration, communication and integration among UNSW postgraduate and research students. 

She’s prepared to make your UNSW journey fantastic with exciting online and in-person events. Her communication skills, dedication and determination are perfect qualities an events officer needs

Saltanat Paritova

PGC Women's Officer (shared position)

Saltanat is an alumna of the University of Manchester and current UNSW Business school postgraduate student. She has a rigorous experience in Audit and Assurance at one of the Big4 companies and is currently pursuing a career in Business Analytics. 

Saltanat is passionate about Analytics and how it can be applied in the educational sector, as she is an advocate for lifelong learning. Her aspiration in life is to contribute to the society with her knowledge and expertise, and work towards educating people. Graduated with first class honours degree and currently being High distinction master’s student, Saltanat balances her academic and social life. 

During her undergraduate studies, she was engaged in organisation of several social and volunteering events and has been an active participant on case championships. Moreover, Saltanat is a dedicated ashtanga yoga practitioner and Argentine tango trainee

Rabia Mobeen

PGC Women's Officer (shared position)

Rabia Mobeen received her M.Phil. in Optometry degree in 2016 and BS Optometry in 2010 both with distinctions from College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences, King Edward Medical University (KEMU) Lahore, Pakistan. After completion of her bachelor’s degree, she was appointed as an optometrist at Mayo Hospital, Lahore and as a lecturer in KEMU for 7 years. 

She has also been involved in research projects which resulted in numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals. 

Rabia is currently immersed in her Ph.D. project at UNSW under the supervision of Prof Fiona Stapleton, Associate Prof. Blanka Golebiowski and Dr Cecilia Chao with two scholarships from UNSW and Government of Pakistan

Christine Castor

PGC International Students' Officer (shared position)

Christine, also known as Xab, is a second year postgraduate student specialising in Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics. Before undertaking her postgraduate studies, she had a seven year corporate marketing and management consultancy career. 

Together with Kalyani, she aims to foster an inclusive community for postgraduates at UNSW, especially among international students. 

An avid traveler, she has sought international experiences in 27 countries and sees the values of inclusivity and connection as remarkably important in the welfare of international students

Kalyani Patil

PGC International Students' Officer (shared position)

Kalyani is a second year Masters student in School of Civil Engineering and serving as International students officer.

I aspire to create an equitable, inclusive, and respectful network for international students by developing integrity among international students through various programs. We will seek to create an avenue where international postgraduate students can enquire on and resolve relevant issues for them especially during extraordinary circumstances such as the current pandemic.

Being an active member of various Arc societies and clubs, I have always strived to build a supportive and cheerful community for international students and make their UNSW journey a memorable one

Chukwuka Madumelu

PGC Equity Officer (shared position)

Chuka is a 2nd year PhD candidate in the School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering, working within the Advanced Hydrogenation Group. 

As Equity officers, our aim is to foster an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity, supports disability and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of postgraduate students are respected.

Jing Sun

PGC Equity Officer (shared position)

Jing Sun is currently a PhD Candidate in the School of Chemical Engineering, working within the Particles and Catalysis Research Group and her research focuses on green ammonia synthesis via renewable energy.

With the role transition from international student to local student, she is aware of the wide gaps among students with various backgrounds. 

As Equity officers, along with Chuka, we will devote ourselves to addressing students’ needs to ensure that all postgraduate students are treated with respect and love, irrespective of creed or colour

Shixiong Xu

PGC Coursework Students' Officer (shared position)

The current Master student in the Built Environment.,Passionate about urban analytics and data visualization Like GIS, big data analytics, programming, digital twin, and infrastructure planning especially water, transportation.Intercross between engineering and planning.ever engaged with peers through the CEPCA one year there

As a Coursework Students Officer,I will devote myself to serving the postgraduate coursework students in the Pandemics times that they would become an effective window between them and the appropriate channels within UNSW/Arc. I will engage active participation of postgraduate students in academic and extra-curricular activities while helping them.I open the mind to participate in the big community. 

In cooperation, Niharika and me will try our best to provide a great postgraduate student learning experience even in the online setup and tackle challenges in various scenarios. Through the unstoppable negotiation and interaction, we aim to make every student’s postgraduate study worthwhile at UNSW

Councillors - Electorate A

Vintii Vasundhara Aggarwal

I am a Master of Commerce (Sustainability and Social Impact) student at UNSW and have been voraciously involved in volunteering and paid roles serving the student community. This led to my nomination for NSW's International Student of the year 2020 Award wherein 11 students from the entire UNSW student community of approximately 60,000 students were handpicked. 

A winner of 3 hackathons at UNSW, I hold a keen interest in entrepreneurship and building solutions for social problems. As a board member at the UNSW's Postgraduate Council I am keen on curating professional development workshops and a mentorship program for the student community. 

I strongly believe in empowering, supporting, and mentoring the student community which is what I will be actively focusing on

Emmy Lau

Emmy is currently pursuing master in international business and serving as councillor A for PGC 2021. My vision is to enhance students' mental health and wellbeing , and also promote diversities. 

I would like to contribute through PGC and UNSW , to create and provide a healthy learning environment and maintain students wellbeing, foster engaging curricula and learning experiences , through that, also create social connections and bonds between my fellow students at UNSW. 

I hope to own a marketing and advertising start-up with few of my friends in the future.

Hugo Su

Hugo is a postgrad student majoring in business analytics. Having a solid economics background, he is now acquiring and strengthening his technical skills in data science, as he is eager to learn and always keen to take on new challenges.

Coming from an international background, Hugo has a nuanced understanding of cultural difference in the postgrad community as well as their experiences in UNSW. He can relate to them and he is passionate to make a more connected community consisting of all the postgrads from vastly different backgrounds.

Hugo has got involved in multiple extracurricular activities including volunteering, sports, and practicum program, he is always taking initiative to reach out and connect to everyone in need. As a councillor, he will help connect students and make their lives easier & happier

Councillors - Electorate B

Liam Cheney

Liam is a Ph.D. student in the faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences. For PGC 2021, he will serve as a Councillor B.

During elections, Liam campaigned to re-connect the postgraduate cohort with the PGC. Through open communication, Liam wants to unite postgraduate students and the PGC. 

He believes that working together we will bring genuine change that improves the student

Min Huang

Min Huang is currently a Scientia PhD Scholar in the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW and serving as councillor B for PGC 2021.

I aim to leverage my professional experience working in a pharmaceutical company, towards establishing career pathways and build connections with industry professionals for the student community at UNSW. 

My rich experiences in working in Student Union and NGO would help me in the role of Councillor B through PGC

Cathy Deng

Cathy(Jialin) Deng is currently a master by research student in the faculty of Materials Science and Engineering and serving as the PGC councillor B. 

Also as a member of 2020 PGC, after one year’s work, I deeply aware of the various functions and responsibility of PGC. 

l am looking forward to addressing, solving and preventing gender issues and psychological problems for all postgrads and PhD candidates. I will devote myself to working towards a safe and inclusive campus

Ex-Officio Members

Shruthi Kumar

l'm Shruthi, a Civil Engineer from India. I'm pursuing my Master's in Project Management from School or Civil and Environmental Engineering. I've been awarded Future of Change Scholarship-2019.

As a Student Academic Board Member of UNSW and Secretary of International Student Engagement Office of PGC, I thrive to bring the best experience for all Postgraduate students. We as PGC can be your go to platform for all assistance. I aim to support students by being easily approachable on all media.

As your voice, I want to ensure you get the best services UNSW has to offer. I aspire to create a developmental network among all Postgraduate students for better tomorrow

Saurabh Kaura

My name is Saurabh Kaura and I am from India. I am presently pursuing a Master’s in International Business from UNSW Sydney.  I am also an awardee of the prestigious UNSW Future of Change Scholarship. I believe in the philosophy of working in diverse teams globally which also inspired me to pursue a course specifically in International Business from Australia. I also have a strong belief of leading a life which becomes an inspiration for others from which both you and the people around you can continue to grow and do better. I have tried to carry forward these traits through various roles at UNSW Sydney.

As a postgraduate student representative on the UNSW Academic Board in 2021, I envision to create a transformation by deliberating effectively with the relevant stakeholders of the University to provide structured solutions for the academic concerns raised as well as having a transparent and friendly relationship with all the postgraduate students. 

I have always believed in inculcating values such as empathy, compassion, solidarity and humility in my life. Only then can I bring all the students together under 1 umbrella and understand their concerns by putting myself in their shoes.


PGC President

Jerry Offor

PGC Vice President (shared position)

Diana Zhang

PGC Vice President (shared position)

Ramanashree Palakshamurthy

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