Arc@UNSW is the largest student organisation in Australia

More importantly, we are a vibrant non-profit, by students for students. With various volunteering programs, clubs, sports and events there are many stories and achievements to pick from. 

Check out our latest our latest stories below.


More than culture and coffee at Culture Café

Bets to Beverages: The Whitehouse

Happy Holidays!

Angela Griffin elected as 2019 SRC President

Upcoming President of PGC

Kiah as Walama Muru 2019 Coordinator

Winner of Annual 18 Design Competition

Rhea: Seeking Growth and That Rewarding Feeling

Yoga with Jessica

Chai in a Stressful Time

Stationery and Environmental Sustainability

Women in Judo

Brandon and the Street Team family

Annual 18

2018 Club Awards

Phil' Good Moments of 2018

Jonathan Lee & The Producers

2018 Volunteer Ball & Awards

Balancing Olympics and university

Nationals Division 1 | 2018 results

Get involved in 2018 Phil' 24-hr Fun-A-Thon

Arc Board Student Director Jessica Black

UNSW AFL Club Dominate Finals

Greta Ritchard & eReuse

Arc Board Student Director Jessica Lasky

Communications Manager