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Whether you’re keen to get active, want to represent #TeamUNSW at an inter varsity level, or just have fun and meet new people, Arc Sport has got you covered.

Take a look around to see Social Sport, Dance Classes, She Can and Nationals. Or keep scrolling to peruse our list of over 30 Sporting Clubs that you can join. Game, set, match!

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Social Sport

Dance Classes

She Can



Festival of Sport

She Can :: Pop-Ups

Sport Clubs

As well as being a great way to improve your fitness and maintain your mental health - because as a famous first year law student once said "exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy" - sports clubs provide a great opportunity to meet other students and experience life on campus.

Anyone can join - students, staff, alumni and the general public. Clubs cater for the novice and the experienced and foster new friendships. You can compete in social, local, regional, state and national competitions. You can find out more by checking out the sports clubs, follow the link through to their websites and get in direct contact with their clubs representative.


Conquer the body and the mind.

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Aim for fun, bow and arrow in hand.

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Get that photo finish for your Instagram.

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Should be called GOODmiton.

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Baseball & Softball

Hey batter, batter, batter!

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Boxing & Muay Thai

Duck, weave and roll with the punches.

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Gridiron (American Football)

Not quite Superbowl (but pretty close).

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Maximum efficiency and minimal effort.

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Wax on, wax off Daniel-san.

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Regina George would be proud of you.

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Climb, kayak, explore & more!

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Soccer / Football

Bend it like Beckham.

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Surfing, Sailing and Windsurfing

Gone with the wind.

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Table Tennis

Tennis on a table, duh.

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You'll make a racquet about it.

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Touch Football

Get those touchy feelings.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Be a whiz of the friz.

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Underwater Rugby

The best sport you've never played.

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Waterski & Wakeboard

Wake is woke.

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