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Kudos Gallery is run by and for UNSW Art & Design students. It is an 'artist run' space funded by Arc @ UNSW Limited. Kudos Gallery is situated close to the UNSW Art & Design campus at 6 Napier Street Paddington. 

Kudos Gallery aims to provide UNSW Art and Design's diverse student population access to one of Sydney's thriving spaces dedicated to the exhibition, promotion and discussion of Fine Arts, Media, Design, Admin, Theory and Curatorship.  We intend to foster professional practices and experience in the marketing and coordination of exhibitions, and promote the variety of disciplines available at UNSW Art & Design. We also provide a forum for Critical dialogue and debate, and we encourage interdisciplinarity as well as legitimate experimental work. 

From 2017, applicants will have the option to elect an exhibition space for their exhibitions. You can choose from either the full Kudos Gallery, or you can elect to show in one of the two distinct spaces Kudos Gallery can be divided into. While Kudos Gallery provides the option to elect what space the exhibitors would like to show in, the Kudos Committee reserves the right to program exhibitions in the space to be determined most appropriate. 

Exhibition Program

Arc and Kudos Gallery invite UNSW Art & Design Students from all programs of study and stages to submit proposals for our annual exhibition program.

Postgraduate Exhibition Program

Arc and Kudos Gallery invite UNSW Art & Design Postgraduate Research students to submit proposals for assessment exhibitions during 2017

Due to the number of applications we get from postgraduate students looking to show for their final assessment, we are now offering a series of time-slots around the census date in order to accommodate as many postgraduate students in the gallery as we can. This application process is separate from the regular exhibition callout process and is only available to postgraduate research students applying for their assessment shows*. The quantity and length of shows will be determined after receiving applications. Submission of an application does not guarantee a show and will be assessed by the Kudos Committee against our regular selection criteria.

*Postgraduate students looking to exhibit at Kudos Gallery as an extracurricular project (that is, not your final assessment) are encouraged to apply in the regular exhibition proposal call out.

Kudos Gallery Programming Committee

Applications are reviewed by a panel of current UNSW Art & Design students on the board of the Kudos Committee, Whose aim is to represent a variety of different Disciplines and experiences.    The Kudos Gallery Coordinator is a part-time staff member of Arc @ UNSW tasked with overseeing the safe installation and de-installation of exhibitions as well as supervising opening nights. The coordinator also aims to be of assistance to prospective exhibitors in terms of providing information and feedback. 

The Kudos Gallery Intern is a UNSW Art & Design student who works with the Gallery Coordinator and assists aspects of running Kudos Gallery.

Get to know this years Kudos committee.

Apply For an Exhibition Today!

Terms and Conditions

Apply for a Postgraduate Exhibition today!

Terms and Conditions

​How to Apply

  • Fill out the following application form and upload your support material. 
  • Please outline the works in the show, the use of space, and conceptual terrain for the show. Character limit: 4000 (around 1 A4 Page)
  • Upload a 1 page CV (PDF) detailing your relevant experience.
  • Upload Visual support material: one PDF document (max. 10 images) of images of works in the show as well as previous works with full artwork details. Moving image work (max 5 minutes each) should be uploaded to online video service such as Youtube or Vimeo and included as a link in the PDF document.
  • Please ensure that you have read all the information in this pack and that you are aware of all the requirements and responsibilities.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Open Hours and Minding

  • The gallery MUST be open during the advertised gallery opening hours. There will be no exception.
  • The gallery open hours are Wednesday to Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday 11am-4pm
  • The exhibitor/s is/are responsible for minding the gallery for the duration of the show. If you are unable to mind the gallery at any particular time, please tell the Gallery Coordinator 6 weeks before your opening so we have time to find help for you. The may be a cost for minders.
  • Financial penalties apply and will be taken from your bond if gallery hours are not kept. 

Selection Criteria

  • The clarity of your proposal. 

  • The quality and consistency of the support material provided and its ability to effectively demonstrate the aims of the proposal as well as your overall practice. 

  • The conceivability of the project – the scope of the proposal must be viable to produce and/or implement within the space and times frames elected in the application form.

Financial Information

  • From 2017, potential exhibitors will have the option to elect an exhibition space for their exhibitions. Potential exhibitors can choose from either the full Kudos Gallery space, or the exhibitor can elect to show in one of the two distinct spaces Kudos Gallery can be decided into (floor plan below). For UNSW Art & Design student only, there is also the option to elect to show in ADSpace, a unique on-campus venue located in E-block. While we provide the option to elect what space the exhibitors would like to show in, the Kudos Committee reserves the right to program exhibitions in the space we determine most appropriate. 
  • A Bond of $200 is required to secure space at Kudos Gallery. This bond is payable upon receipt of contract where the exhibition proposal is accepted.
  • An exhibition fee will be charged, in order to maintain the premises and promote the gallery and exhibition program. The fee for the full Kudos Gallery will be $400 for the first exhibitor and $20 for each subsequent exhibitor thereafter, with a cap of $600. For  exhibitions in one of the two distinct spaces in Kudos Gallery, the fee will be $200 for the first exhibitor and $20 for each subsequent exhibitor thereafter, with a cap of $400. For exhibition in ADspace, the fee will be $200 for the first exhibitor and $20 for each subsequent exhibitor thereafter, with a cap of $400.
  • Your exhibition fee covers web promotion, roomsheets, documentation of your show, basic equipment and support for your install and opening.
  • All other exhibition and opening night expenses are the responsibility of the artist/s including opening night refreshments and any equipment required not normally provided by the gallery.
  • The price of works will be determined by the artist/s and will include the 25% Gallery commission and GST (where the artist/s are registered with an ABN).
  • Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grants are not available for exhibitions at Kudos Gallery.

What Now?

  • The Kudos Committee will meet approx. Two weeks after the deadline for applications close. 

  • You will be contacted by email or phone with the results of your application as soon as possible after the exhibition proposal review. 

  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a Kudos Gallery Contract and exhibtion information pack. You are required to sign the contract stating that You have read, understood and agree with the conditions of use and bond requirements. It is the exhibitor/s responsibility to ensure that the contract is signed and returned by the set deadline along with the required fees. 

  • If fees are not paid and the contract is not received before the set deadline, the exhibition timeslot may be forfeited. 

Kudos Gallery

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A:6 Napier St, Paddington NSW 2021

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