Arc Street Team

What do you want out of your time at UNSW?

If crazy fun, amazing friends, giving back and shaking yo' booty down main walkway comes to mind then Arc Street Team is right up your alley (or should we say, Street!)

Join the team of super motivated uni student ambassadors as the face of Arc @ UNSW to celebrate and promote campus life throughout the year.

Get used to adoring sighs at the sight of your green shirt (only otherwise produced by Sam Smith's voice) as you hand out free food, run social events and spread your joy and energy to the students of UNSW. Each week the amazing team sets up and co-ordinates two events and provide laughs, poppin' music and delicious drinks and snacks for hundreds of students.

You will receive training and ongoing support in communication, leadership and learn about teamwork and running large scale events as you interact with people from all over the UNSW community. Arc Street Team is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Time Commitment

Medium ~ 3 hours a week.

Can't wait to join?

Applications are closed for Semester 1! Applications will open again at the end of Semester 1 for Semester 2 volunteers.

Contact Us

Arc Street Team

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