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The Shack provides a free tutoring service for local high school students, and volunteer tutors can choose the subject they feel most confident to tutor in. 

Week 4 update

After a very busy first four weeks, Shack Tutoring will take a break over the school holidays, returning on the 2nd May for Tuesday students and the 26th April for Wednesday students.

Thanks to all tutors and students for a great start to the year!

Tutor of the Week - Week 4

Madison Phillips

Degree: Software Engineering/Science

Favourite Study Technique: Flash cards, because they’re super convenient when on the go.

Interesting Fact: Four of the coffee shops on campus know my order off by heart.

Why I wanted to be a Shack Tutor: I wanted to be a Shack Tutor because I’ve always enjoyed helping others with Maths and it’s a great feeling when a student is able to understand a new concept.

What's it all about?

You’re a bona fide uni student now, but what about all the pro facts and study skills you learned to get here? Put them to good use by volunteering with Shack Tutoring!

Contact hours are one hour per week on campus. The program runs between 3 and 6pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays during semester.

This is a great program that will give you warm and fuzzy feelings from helping someone out, while developing your interpersonal and communication skills. 

If you know (or are) a high school or primary school student who would like to be tutored, contact The Shack Youth Services to enrol. For more information about volunteering as a tutor, contact the Volunteer Coordinator (details below).

Semester one applications are now closed

For semester 2, please check back in June.

Tutoring Advice: Top 5 Tips

Tips for Tutors: 12 teaching strategies for effective learning

Tutoring - Study Guides and Strategies

New Venue

The Greenhouse

All tutoring lessons in 2017 will take place in The Greenhouse, Arc's brand new student hub on the Village Green! You can see The Greenhouse on the campus map at K8:

Meet Your 2017 Shack Tutoring Coordinator

Hi, my name's Amelia and I'm the Shack Tutoring Coordinator for 2017! I'm about to begin my final year of my Science/Law degree, and I love all things learning. When I'm not at uni, you can find me reading, doing a puzzle, or walking along the beach or at Centennial Park. 

I think tutoring is a great way to help students learn to learn and to pass on all that knowledge you cultivated over years of high school to someone who really needs it. If you feel the same, apply to be a Shack Tutor right now!

Shack Tutoring Volunteer Coordinator

The Shack Youth Services

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