The Producers

Green thumbs up!

The Producers produce produce… ugh.. sorry that might have been confusing.

The Producers produce produce (if it still doesn't make sense, come and see us).

ANYWAY... The Producers plant, maintain and harvest veggies (or "produce" ...get it, now?) around campus.

The Producers also run monthly workshops, covering things like: making a terrarium, making your own herb garden, how to compost your own food scraps, making a worm farm... and MUCH more!

For details on workshops check out Facebook and Blitz and look for garden pop-ups around campus!

O-Week with The Producers

O-Week has been a success for The Producers as we were able to successfully re-vamp and green-ify our movable vertical planter box. For those who have not seen it on the main walkway, MAKE it your mission in week 1 to visit it whenever you're in the quad. We also gave away over a hundred of eggshell seedlings which included seedlings of Pumpkin, Basil, Broccoli, Beetroot and Chili. For those who received these seedlings, we hope they are doing well!! 

Week 1 Update

All our basil plants on campus are doing extremely well. It must have been because of that combination of intense sun and rain during these past few weeks. Who said "rain, rain, go away?" when I can make homemade pesto now? 

Week 2 Inductions

Our Induction sessions have started and it was great meeting all our new volunteers who share an interest for the garden. We had a tour of our on campus gardens and the greenhouse planter boxes (pictured) is doing exceptionally well. First time I saw that there wasn't even a single green worm on our kale!! 


If you’re interested in sustainable practices and growing your own fresh produce (or paranoid about where your veggies come from), look no further! As a Producer, you’ll have a chance to care for our on-campus gardens, build raised planted boxes and maybe even make mud pies on campus. In addition to the gardening, volunteers also run workshops for students on a monthly basis.

 We are always looking for more Producers! Shoot us an email or apply early in the semester!


Time commitment/ Medium

Meet your 2017 Producers Student Coordinator!

What happens when you add a rotten fruit, mud, minus green worms and integrate it with photosynthesis? Well a tomato plant of course! 

Welcome to The Producers, a gateway from University stress and a place where things grow and thrive. My name is Joanna and I'm keen bean in the garden whilst also a student studying Commerce and Science. I enjoy the simple pleasures of working in a garden environment, including when plants reincarnate after fighting severe dehydration and when insect infestations demolish all the leaves and photosynthesis processes of a plant. Even though I occasionally freak out about a bug or two, I'm hooked with getting my hands in the soil and harvesting the amazing produce! So come along to this plentiful journey. 

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