Yellow Shirts

Every year, approximately 170 enthusiastic volunteers known as Yellow Shirts get the chance to spend one unforgettable week helping incoming students find their feet and have fun at UNSW during O-Week in Semester One. 

The mega-extravagant-amazing-wonderful event that is O-Week doesn't just magically happen every year. It's such a huge success because of the hard work, commitment and fun-loving spirit of the Yellow Shirts.

As one of Arc’s most famous and beloved volunteer programs, being a Yellow Shirt will provides students with lifelong friends, skills and hilarious memories. Yellow Shirts is a great opportunity to meet people from all over campus and get to help others in a way that can make a lasting difference. 

O-Week 2017

Re-live the fiesta!

Your Next Adventure Awaits


Being a Yellow Shirt is a great way to develop important skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and problem solving, as well as more practical skills like organising a speed dating event or managing a fairy floss machine.

There is a time commitment over the Summer break, check the application for compulsory dates.


Intake/ Applications open during S2.

Time commitment/ Check the application for compulsory dates

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P:02 9385 7746

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