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Arc offers a broad range of sporting, recreational and instructional clubs, suitable for all levels of skill and experience. You can find out more by checking out any of our clubs websites or to get in contact with a club representative directly follow the club contacts links below.

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The LARGEST AFL club in Sydney!

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Aim for fun, bow and arrow in hand.

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Sprint your way to the finish line!

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Baseball & Softball

Hit a home run.

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Boxing & Muay Thai

Bob, weave and roll with the punches.

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Cricket - Women

Bowl a wicket, or two or three (hat-trick).

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Cycling and Triathlon

Get on your bike, go for a swim or head out for a run!

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Gridiron (American Football)

Score a touchdown.

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Rugby Union

Tackle, pass and score that try.

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Soccer/ Football

Bend it like Beckham.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee, but better.

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Underwater Rugby

The best sport you've never played.

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Waterski & Wakeboard

Ride the water.

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Windsurfing & Sailing

Gone with the wind.

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