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"One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." Malala Yousafzai

Shack tutoring is a free program that connects local high school students with university student volunteers, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring the next generation of visionaries. 

You are are a university student. You spend your semester soaking up knowledge and looking for opportunities to grow and be #woke. But part of being better, is bringing out the best in others. 

What We Do

The Shack Tutoring program is as much for the students as the mentors. We get it. Being a university student means you've got 99 problems and they're all due at 9 am tomorrow. However we also know you want your time at university to mean something and that is where we come in. 

We help you put your awesomeness into action. You've spent your years at high school learning algebra and quoting Shakespeare- now is the time to make it count and make a difference in someone else's life. 

My time volunteering with Shack tutoring was a very rewarding experience where each week was filled with lots of laughs, poorly drawn diagrams and a growing curiosity my students. Despite the small-time commitment, Shack can really have a huge impact on a student's academic journey, and that all starts with you! 

- Arshman Sahid - 

Meet Your Shack Tutoring Coordinator

Hi there, I’m Rhea! If I’m not in the Arc Office, I have my headphones in, bopping to everything from BB king, to Beyonce to the Buena Vista Social Club. I remember being a first year, struggling to find my place, as the idea of university I had in my head didn’t match the one I was experiencing. 

In 2017 I signed up to be a volunteer at Arc - it was beautiful, challenging and above all, allowed me not only to grow but to give back. Being a volunteer for Shack Tutoring will not only make your time at university more meaningful, but will give you the chance to inspire a new generation of students. Now’s your chance to take your uni experience and make it one you’re really proud of. Can’t wait for you to get involved! 

Quick stats 

So you're feeling the #inspo, but there are real stories and real people behind our program. Educational disadvantage is a huge problem in Australia and puts kids at a disadvantage when they're at their most aspirational and creative.

Australia has the third largest education gap in the OECD

The outcome gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students is three years

Australian children begin to form career aspirations from a very young age, no matter their background

Tutoring positively impacts academic performance and student retention

We want to give all students the support they need, no matter their age, background or proficiency. Every student has within them, a greatness. And we want you to help them find it. 

What to expect

So what can you expect to get out of being a volunteer with Shack Tutoring?

  • Build on your communication and leadership skills
  • Strengthen your organisational and time management skills
  • Bring out your inner Mr. Miyagi and pass on what you've learnt during your time as a student 
  • Volunteering with Shack Tutoring is recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)
  • We also guarantee you'll feel #wholesome in having given back to students in a huge way
When I started with Shack, all the 'useless' stuff was suddenly no longer useless. I found that in passing on the knowledge I was able to progress my student's understanding and appreciate the process of learning. So if you're tired of being taught, why not take up this program and start teaching instead? You'll be surprised at how much you can learn!

- Safaa Cabot -

What we ask of you 

The main aim of our program is to give primary school kids the support and encourage them to help them thrive. We ask our tutors to show passion, initiative and dependability. Know the difference you can make and work hard to make it.  

The Deets  

Applications // Sem 2 2018 Apps are closed. You can re-apply in Semester 1 2019!

Time commitment // 1-2 hours a week

Assisting students who have the potential to excel is what inspired me to apply and consequently re-apply again to become a Shack tutor. I find it really rewarding when I explain a concept and slowly the lightbulb moment occurs within the student. This is a really great program to enhance or improve your communication skills and pass on valuable study knowledge and tips that you have gained to younger students.

- Jenney Le-

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