A Venue of Versatility: Stacey Kirkpatrick's Mission

19 APRIL 2021

Stacey’s mission to “bring back events!” is a challenging one after the damaging impacts of COVID-19, however, she is determined to revive and rebuild the audience’s connection to Roundhouse’s gigs and events for 2021.  


Stacey is most interested in the Roundhouse’s “versatility and diversity of different gigs and events” that can take place. In her role, Stacey has already worked on multiple gigs that have reflected her strong interest and strengths of effectively utilising the Roundhouse’s high-quality equipment, multi-faceted stage design, and spacious room within the main Round Room.  

The impacts of COVID-19 aren’t scaring Stacey off, in fact, they’re pushing her more to find new and innovative methods around the implications as the “unique space offers so many different options.” By introducing hybrid events with online options, separation of events into different rooms, and many more, Stacey can focus on always enhancing the audience experience, no matter the circumstance.  

Nothing is stopping Stacey, she wants audiences to see the real beauty that the Roundhouse holds, and with that, we emphasise “bring back events!” 

Make sure to look out for Stacey’s work on upcoming gigs and events in 2021 by clicking below!

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