Room Bookings

Get in touch, make a booking! There are different rules and regulations depending on who you are, so keep those in mind.

You must be associated to an Arc Club or be an Arc Member to make a room or event booking as a student. 

Arc Club or Society bookings are no longer made through the Clubs Office - make your booking directly through the Roundhouse booking form HERE. 

Arc Club & Society Bookings

Arc Affiliated Clubs & Societies receive 6 free hours of room hire per week (not inclusive of Main Room). 

Individual Arc Members receive discounted room hire. 

  1. Plan your event at least 1 week in advance (the more time the better!) 
  2. Make a booking through the Roundhouse Booking Form. Catering & Beverage requests can be made through this form.
  3. Production requests for your event can be made through the Arc Resources Booking Form. Please get in contact with the Roundhouse events team if you're unsure of what equipment you need for your event!
  4. Complete the forms with as much information about your booking as possible, and hit SUBMIT. 
  5. Wait for your confirmation email. If the date or room you’ve requested is unavailable, we will help arrange a booking to suit your needs to the best of our ability. (Please note that submitting a form does not automatically confirm your booking. A confirmation of bookings email will be sent by our Events Team). 
  6. Invoices for catering, beverage, and production requests will be sent through with your Booking Confirmation email.

If you or your Club is hosting a larger or more complicated event such as hiring the Main Room or the full venue, get in touch directly to arrange a meeting with one of our friendly staff members. 

Arc Sport Clubs

Arc Sport Clubs need to email their booking directly to 

Arc Member Bookings

Are you an Arc member looking to organise an event but not for a Club or Society? Book HERE.

Non-Roundhouse Spaces

Looking to book an Arc Music or Dance studio? Book HERE.

Not sure what form to use? Read A Quick Guide to Booking Forms.

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