Kudos Gallery

Our off campus gallery and exhibition space for students and emerging artists

Since 1998, Kudos Gallery has been host to some of Sydney's most exciting artists, curators and writers and continues to be a fertile ground for provocative concepts, innovative technologies and cutting edge art forms and styles. 

Come and check out what the next ground-breaking generation are up to! Exhibitions open 5-7pm Tuesday nights every fortnight. It is free to attend an opening and all students are welcome. Kudos Gallery is Arc @ UNSW Art & Design's largest service, it is a professional off campus exhibition space run by UNSW Art & Design students and funded by Arc @ UNSW Limited. The Gallery is run by students for students where anything and everything can (and does) happen. 

Through providing opportunities for students to volunteer, intern or join the committee, the Kudos Gallery also offers a supportive environment for UNSW Art & Design students to showcase their ideas and take risks whilst developing an exhibition profile at university.


Public Programs

Getting Involved

Kudos Emerging Artist & Designer Awards

Annual awards celebrating excellence in design & fine arts

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Kudos Committee

White Cube Volunteer Prorgam

Curator & Critic Awards

Kudos Committee

The Kudos Gallery exhibition program is determined by a committee of UNSW Art & Design UG and PG student representatives. The Kudos Committee have regular meetings, run special projects including the annual Kudos Award, attend openings and raise the profile of the gallery. Participation on the Kudos Committee also acknowledged by UNSW on your 'Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)' upon graduating. The Kudos Committee have regular meetings, run special projects including the annual Kudos Award, attend openings and raise the profile of the gallery. The Kudos Committee curates the space Three Foot Square at UNSW Art & Design.

The major event produced by the Kudos Committee is the Kudos Emerging Artist and Designer Award. It is the Committee who select and install the work in the finalists exhibition, run the awards ceremony, and it is the Committee who help to secure prizes.

Three Foot Square is an alternative exhibition space, located at Gate 1 beside the main entrance to the UNSW Paddington Campus. It is made up of two small exhibition venues taking the form of a window gallery and is illuminated at night, presenting art to the public 24/7. Three Foot Square is curated by the Committee on a semesters basis.

Facilities & Space

In 2015, Kudos went through a significant upgrade of the gallery.

All walls are now floating and are made of up one layer of plywood with a layer of plasterboard. The gallery contains power at the tops and bottoms of the walls, hidden behind the wall cavity. The gallery also has four moveable walls that are permanently in the space and are used to create extra wall space or to create rooms.

Kudos 3d Model

Download a 3d Model (SketchUp)


Kudos Floor Plan

Download PDF floor plan of the gallery


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