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Foundation Day

WK5Thu 04 Jul

UNSW is looking pretty darn good for 70 and we are throwing a HUGE party!

Sabre Lessons

Tue 04 Jun – Tue 03 Sep

Never held a sword before? UNSW Fencing Club is here to teach you how.

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$5 Feed

Wed 12 Jun – Thu 08 Aug

Left your lunch at home, looking for a bite on campus, or a bit short on change this week?

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UNSWeetened Literary Journal | Writing Workshop

WK4Wed 26 Jun

Games & Chill

WK4Thu 27 Jun

Are you still in the holiday mood and wanna kick back and relax before the stress kick in?

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RoboCup 2019

WK5Tue 02 Jul – Mon 08 Jul

Want to see how robots and AI are going to change our lives in the future?

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Foundation Day | Basser Stair Sprint

WK5Thu 04 Jul

Pitch Night

Tue 09 Jul

Have you ever had an idea you thought could be a business? Do you have a solution to the world’s problems?

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Hackathon 2019

WK6Sat 13 Jul

Are you someone who wants to solve a problem? Do you want the opportunity to solve it in a day - winning prizes,...

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