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If memorising mathematical formulae isn't fulfilling enough, if you go to UNSW but don't feel like you really go here, our Arc Clubs & Societies are a great way to get social, get active and find your thing outside the classroom. Can’t find your thing? No worries! Grab some like-minded mates and start your own. Arc runs Clubs Executive Training Programs year-round so you can hone your skills in everything from keeping ship-shape balance sheets to conflict resolution.

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Clubs and Societies

Full clubs list, mini interviews with "clubbers" and so much more

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Try something new, develop your interests, enhance your degree and discover lifelong friendships!

The scientifically proven* benefits of joining a club or society are:

  • feelings of joy 
  • lifelong (or at least semester-long) friendships
  • access to skills and training
  • getting to do sweet activities (usually at a discount)
  • extra lines on your résumé
  • finding your thing

*scientifically proven = text was written by someone who did half a semester of Physics 1001

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