Apply NOW!

The Fun-A-Thon is back in 2017!

This year, 20 teams of 8 people per team will take on the ultimate Phil' challenge - stay active and have fun whilst raising much-needed funds for Child Life and Music Therapy at the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. 

Registration is now open! You can apply as an individual, a small group or as a whole team 

Mark your calendars -October 12-13th -  you won't want to miss out!!

Ari Gorney​

2016 Fun-A-Thon Participant in UNSW Staff Team

" Being a part of the Arc Fun-A-Thon, was one of the most fun things that I have done, like ever. The vibe and atmosphere, was so incredibly positive, and all the activities planned were a lot of fun. Working with my team, was such a blast, and the struggle is real, when it gets to 3am, and you need to figure out who is going to hula-hoop. However it really feels like everyone is working (tirelessly) towards a common goal, and that in-itself, is beautiful“

Nash Nyakuengama​

2016 Fun-A-Thon Participant​ in Blitz Team

"From finishing my degree to working with the most amazing people at Arc @ UNSW - I had a lot to be grateful for in 2016. However, nothing brought me more pride than captaining a Team Blitz in the Phil Fun-a-Thon! While there were certainly trying moments that tested our resolve, it took little more than a reminder of the nobel cause to motivate our team to raise over $3000.00! I encourage any and everyone to get involved with the 2017 Phil Fun-A-Thon, it is one hell of a ride!"

Child Life and Music Therapy