Sometimes, student life can be tough. But always remember...so are you!

Whether you need a break from the books or some advice, Arc Wellness is here with fun events and helpful resources. Look out for our Wellness Warriors on campus doing random acts of kindness and pop up activities to remind you to take care of yourself and each other.

Wellness Pop Up: Dance in the Dark

Come Dance in the Dark on Monday Week 5

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O-Week 2018

Did you see us out and about in O-Week?

O-Week was once again a huge success! Our returning volunteers joined me at our zone over four days. We had a Gratitude Tree ready, where students could write down what they were thankful for and then hang the tag on the tree. The responses were heartfelt! 

We also had a huge "Take What You Need Wall" which encouraged passers by to write positive affirmations and links/numbers to helpful services on post-it notes. They could then swap their post-it note for an exisiting one on the wall! 

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Meet the 2018 Wellness Coordinator

Hey guys! My name is Will Cook and I am a little bit excited to be Arc's Wellness Coordinator in 2018!  

Who am I? After hopping around, I am now officially a third year Media (Communications and Journalism) student. More importantly, 2018 marks three years since I left my home in Adelaide and moved to the big smoke in Sydney. Following a couple years in Basser College I am now experiencing the trials and tribulations of adulthood. Yea that means I have to cook and clean for myself..... 

What does wellness mean to me? That is a hard question as wellness is SUCH a personal thing. Some say that wellness is all about being happy, but for me wellness is everything we do to work towards living a healthy and balanced life. That takes into account the days where you just want to sit in your pyjamas, eat ice-cream and watch Netflix. 

What do I do for my wellness? I love to walk to the beach listening to my favourite banger. On rainy days you will find me reading a classic, binging an Aussie TV show or sharing a glass of wine and a cheese platter with a mate. If I can find the money I pack my bags and travel.  

Words of wisdom for uni students? Take your time and remember to breath. You are only young once, and you are more than likely already kicking goals. Remember that it's ok to rest and take time for yourself.