Being on a committee is a great way to gain professional experience while you're still a student! The various committees at Art and Design encompass collaborative decision making across a variety of areas - grants, administrative operations, exhibition programming, and many more. Committees are also a great way to form professional relationships and make new friends! 

Kudos Gallery Committee

Kudos this year aims to continue to be what it always has been - a faithful place to play, experiment, test, and share creative ideas. So in keeping with our ethos of providing opportunities for students and artists to kick start their emerging arts careers we need your involvement to continue this legacy!


The Kudos Committee is a small group of UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture undergraduate and postgraduate student representatives who have regular meetings, help run the Kudos yearly program, and act as an advisory board. 

This is a voluntary role for students on the committee, the involvement is varied and irregular throughout the year, but is flexible to member’s availabilities. Committee member’s could expect an average of 5 hours per month, with more time involvement being around certain events in the program, and with the ability to have more involvement if desired. This time could be spent attending regular (video call) meetings, helping out an event/workshop, design and marketing jobs, curating, archiving, contacting artists, and more.  

Kudos committee will have oversee and be involved in our 2021 program of; 

* pop-up exhibitions and projects 

* Kudos Online Exhibitions 

* Kudos Shop 

* Public Programs and workshops 

* Kudos Archive Project 

* Kudos Emerging Artist, Designer, Critic and Curator Awards 

* Three Foot Square window exhibitions 

This is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in the workings an arts organisation to become involved in an active community supporting emerging artists, designers, curators, and writers. Committee Member terms are for one year. Participation on the Kudos Committee also acknowledged by UNSW on your 'Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)' upon graduating. 

If you'd like to get in touch with the Kudos Committee you can email with your inquiry, or you can find one of us on campus to chat to!

Kudos Committee 2021

Siann Boustead

Siann is a Canberra born designer currently practising and studying in Sydney at UNSW’s School of Art and Design. Her works often revolve around design’s relationship with the human body. Practising predominantly within physical mediums she examines how design has the ability to enrich and advance peoples lives, advocating for an increasingly mutualistic relationship between the person and the designed object. This is a philosophy she goes by, using it to guide her work but also to think critically about existing designs and whether they adhere to similar human-centred principals.  

Oscar Davis

Oscar works on unceded Gadigal land. He uses space debris, disused bus timetables and broken soup ladles to try and find who we are through what we leave behind.  

He is NOT a hoarder. 

He IS on the look out though for used, preferably stained, mattresses and can be contacted at with any mattress related tip-offs. 

Emma Harbridge

Emma is a mixed-race Chinese-Caucasian Australian emerging artist, who grew up as a settler on stolen and unceded Darug land (Granville) and is now currently living and practicing on Wangal and Gadigal land (Strathfield and Sydney). Her practice is mostly concerned with interpretations of food practices as a form of healing, mutual aid, community and as a self-constructive tool for diasporic identity. 

Emma's practice is process-based and multi-disciplinary - she moves across the mediums of moving image, sound, installation, performance, writing and drawing.  

Ellen O'Donnell

Ellen is an emerging cultural industries practitioner with a background in fine arts and linguistics. She sees the creative and cultural industries in their broadest sense, and hopes to work at the intersections of these various creative fields.  

Audrey Pfister

Audrey is the Kudos Coordinator, and has worked and volunteered for Arc UNSW in many roles over the last five years. Audrey (sometimes-) writes, curates, edits, makes mixes, and works in the arts. They spend most of their time across Gadigal lands and waters, and grew up on Thawaral land. Audrey holds a Bachelor of Art Theory and is now doing Arts Honours in Media, Culture, Technology stream. Audrey has collaboratively produced and founded projects such as Precarity and Possibility; a forum on labour and the arts and collectivity, Fatal Crush reading series, Kudos Live: Intimate Circulations.

Brigitte Podrasky

Brigitte is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Interactive Media and Sculpture. She has recently been enjoying working with clay as a creative medium.

Niko Plaskasovitis

Niko is an emerging artist & creative producer who lives and works on Gadigal Land. Working mainly with sound & installation he explores the overarching complexities of climate change and how they intersect with broader sociopolitical matters. He is interested in exploring the potentials of collectivity and community building through alternative and sustainable structures and processes. You’ll occasionally find him mixing music in intimate settings, experimenting with sweet ingredients for a cake conspiracy or lost in a spontaneous corridor conversation with a stranger. Niko is currently completing his Bachelor of Media Art.

Owen Redmond

Owen is a sound artist and musician. Developing from a background in ambient and experimental music production, Owen explores sounds relation to objects through accessing vibrational qualities of materials, manipulating the source material to accentuate musical elements and displaying auditory phenomena. Working in both installation and performative contexts, Owen has done a series of collaborations and solo pieces utilising contact microphones, transducers, modular synthesis and subwoofers paired with glass, metal, plastic and wood, using these components as both sound source and a medium of transferal for audio to be presented.  

Monica Trieu

Monica is an Australian-born emerging artist of Chinese-Vietnamese descent, residing and practicing on unceded Darug and Gadigal land. Her practice mainly engages with cultural traditions and language structures to break down the connection between westernised upbringings and loss of ethnic ties, and as a means of unlearning colonial systems of thought and remedying loss of racial identity. At present, Monica’s practice materialises dominantly in the form of printmaking, drawing and painting. She is currently in her second year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. 

Three Foot Square

Kudos Committee curates Three Foot Square an alternative window exhibition space at the entrance to UNSW Arts, Design, and Architecture in Paddington. Find it on the corner of Napier St and Greens Road. 

Exhibitions rotate monthly with all works by students on campus and curated by Kudos Committee members. You can keep up to date with us at @threefootsquare !

Arc at Art & Design

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H:Office open: Mon - Friday, 10am - 5pm.

A:Ground Floor D Block, Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021, UNSW Art & Design

Kudos Coordinator

Audrey Pfister

P:(02) 9065 0981

H:Mon, Tues, and Weds

A:Arc UNSW Art, Design, Architecture