BY Alessandra Femenias

Chemical Miracle is the sophomore album from Australian punk band, Trophy Eyes.

With a creative and dynamic blend of melodic hardcore and upbeat pop-punk, this album does not disappoint. For the older Trophy Eyes fans who loved the band’s gritty, hardcore sound, and for those who prefer a more refined, alt-rock sound – Chemical Miracle has it all.

The album’s opener and leading single, Chlorine, is catchy, intricate, and quite genius, to say the least. Opening with a prominent and punchy rhythm section and the catchy hook, “I’m still breathing,” it is easy to see why it was received so well by fans and music critics alike. The song’s upbeat and bright instrumental is contrasted with its heavy lyrical content – a recurring theme seen throughout the entire album

On Chemical Miracle, lead vocalist, John Floreani, questions life, love, death, and everything in between. The album’s second track, Counting Sheep, is no exception. Picking up where Chlorine left off, Counting Sheep is punchy and fast paced, reminiscent of the band’s heavier roots.

Trophy Eyes also explore their pop-punk side, with the tracks Nose Bleed, Heaven Sent, Breathe You In and Suicide Pact. A standout is definitely Heaven Sent, which deals with the uncertainties of love and commitment, with lyrics like – “so stay away from me, now that you know what kind of man I can be”. Despite being one of the band’s more commercial songs, Breathe You In also deserves an honourable mention. Showcasing the band’s song writing skills, the track is undeniably catchy and upbeat.

The most experimental and heaviest tracks on the album are definitely the album’s interludes, Chemical and Miracle. They are honest and raw, with stripped back instrumentals and Floreani’s passionate screams resonating throughout.

Overall, Chemical Miracle is creative, thought provoking, catchy and dynamic – well deserving of being Blitz’s Album of the Week.