BY Dominic Gianni

SAFIA’s debut album, Internal, is definitely a debut to be reckoned with. 

It is simply suburb with the perfect mix of techno soundscapes and relaxing vocals that will rupture your ears with electronic pleasure.

Each track fits together nicely as the opening track, Zion, takes you into the heart of a jungle with distinctly primal samples and a filthy beat to match it. It unlocks your senses and gets you right in the face from the get go in order to prepare you for the rest of the album, which does not disappoint.

The rest of the album synthesizes everything your heart could want in a typical SAFIA fashion as the boys from Canberra deliver hits like Embracing Me, Sake it Til Sunrise and Close To You to get you right into the party mood with its upbeat melodies and vibes.

Over You is another classic example of how SAFIA can deliver high quality, and yet, deliciously smooth beats that has your primordial cortex twisting in euphoria. You can’t even call this song a stand out as the rest of the album is up to the same high standard as this track, leaving you with 51 minutes of ambient rhythmic bliss.

The eerie vocals of Bye Bye and tic-toc rhythm of the electronic synthesizers are another standout that highlights just how dynamic SAFIA’s sound really is. Expect these boys from Canberra to feature in this year’s Hottest 100, as SAFIA can only be explained as an acronym as it’s Sure As Fuck Incredibly Awesome.