So, you've decided to start a Club? Awesome! These resources will take you through what you need to do to affiliate with Arc. There is a little bit to do at the start, but setting it up properly right at the beginning will make the rest of the process so much easier for you in the long run. 

All forms, guides, and files that you'll need to submit for affiliation can be found here on this page. Download and read the FULL CHECKLIST here and refer to this page for the relevant documents. 


An Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) is a General Meeting held to establish a new Club and is one of the key steps to start a New Club. Here are the forms, guides, and files you need to prepare for your IGM.

1. Read the following sections of the Clubs Handbook 

2. Prepare your Club’s constitution

3. Organise bookings for your IGM event

4. Send an IGM Notice to the Arc Clubs Team and your members at least 7 days prior to the event


  1. Check in all attendees
  2. Take meeting minutes
  3. Note all details for the Club Executives
  4. Have all Club Executives sign the Affiliation Agreement
  5. Prepare a Letter from your School/Faculty (Constituent Clubs only)


After your IGM, submit the following documents and information to the Arc Clubs Team:

  1. IGM Attendance Form - please include FULL details for ALL attendees. 
  2. IGM Minutes - submitted in the same format as the template provided. 
  3. Club Executive Details - submitted in the same format as the template provided. 
  4. Club Constitution - submitted in the same format as the template provided.
  5. Arc Clubs Affiliation Agreement - signed by all executive members.
  6. Names of Bank Signatories - FULL name as per official government-issued ID e.g. birth certificate, passport.
  7. Letter from School/ Faculty - for Constituent Clubs only.
  8. Club Email, Facebook page and Website - these details will be publicly available.
  9. Club Logo - 150x150px, max file size 200kB.

Arc Clubs Office

P:02 9065 0930

H:10am to 5pm

A:Level 2 Basser Steps, Gate 5 on High St, UNSW