Kudos All-stars 

Where: Goodspace Gallery 115-119 Regent St, Chippendale NSW (Above the Lord Gladstone) 

When: Wednesday 15th June 5-9pm (One night only!)

Lachlan Bell, Mika Benesh, Kate McGuinness, Vedika Rampal, Jack Poppert, Geirthana, Ondine Manfrin, Gabrielle Chantiri, Nolan Ho Wung Murphy, Imogen Ruberg, and Lisa Myeong-Joo.

Kudos Allstars presents a showcase some of our best and brightest – those who won a Highly Commended award in our 2021 Kudos Emerging Artist + Designer Awards, as well as some of our 2021 Kudos AiR (Artists-in-Residence).  

But to consider all-stars as a theme brings new things into our perspective. What does it means to explore the extraordinary, the performative, the celestial, luminous, champion, ethereal, saintly, extraterrestrial, collective, outstanding, and shiny? Kudos Allstars considers the glitch, the Gaga, the Dianas, as well as parafictions, folklore, stature, legacies, histories, and identities.  

The artworks in Allstars bring together video, textile, painting, text, photography, ASMR, presenting an all-star cross-section of UNSW student and recent graduate work. Featuring Lachlan Bell, Mika Benesh, Kate McGuinness, Lev Kaya, Vedika Rampal, Jack Poppert, Geirthana Nandukamaren, Ondine Manfrin, Gabrielle Chantiri, Nolan Ho Wung Murphy, Imogen Ruberg, and Lisa Myeong-Joo. 



Formerly Arc @ UNSW A&D's off campus gallery, Kudos now offers a diverse program of dynamic satellite projects both on campus, off campus and online. Kudos was established in 1998.

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