Clubs & Volunteering Awards

On Monday night, Arc hosted the annual Clubs & Volunteering Awards to celebrate the achievements of outstanding club executives and volunteers who have worked tirelessly throughout 2019 to deliver enriching experiences and development opportunities outside of the classroom. Over 200 students were present to recognise the success of co-curricular initiatives that have bettered the student experience in a myriad of different ways.  

The Computer Science and Engineering Society was awarded 2019 Club of the Year for their outstanding contribution to student life and UNSW’s vibrant campus community. As one of UNSW’s largest constituent clubs, CSESoc has supported over 3500 computing students through the successful organisation of a range of activities and provision of invaluable student resources and connections. Throughout the year, they have brought their members developmental bootcamps and workshops, social activities to enhanced friendships within the club and mentoring and networking programs. The team has also delivered competitions which have allowed students to put their technical skills into practice, such as their Hackathon which also swept up On Campus Club Activity of the Year. The club acknowledged the phenomenal efforts of all who have been involved in bringing their initiatives to fruition:  

“Huge thanks to the executive, directors, subcommittee members and everyone else who volunteered and participated - this would not have been possible without your hard work!”  

Students rallied behind their favourite clubs through voting for the People’s Choice Awards. The Civil and Environmental Engineering Society was presented with the Design of the Year Award for their recap of First Year Camp, while the Multimedia Award was won by the Marketing Society for their cover video promoting their Bad and Boujee Pubcrawl. 

Winners were also awarded across several Arc volunteering programs. Nine volunteers were nominated by respective program coordinators for their exceptional contribution throughout the year. 2018-9 Yellow Shirts Coordinator Catherine Rich commended winner Selina Le Khac for her dedication to the program. 

“Selina was an invaluable part of the SLOT team, rallying team morale and taking the time to go that extra mile outside of her role. She was never far from getting a laugh or smile out of someone and her commitment to the program and team player nature is shown through her work and the relationships she develops and evokes with others. All round, she went above and beyond in her time as a Yellow Shirt.” 

Arc commends the exceptional accomplishments of all clubs and volunteers in 2019 who have gone above and beyond to positively shape students’ lives whilst at university – and we are looking forward to reaching new heights in 2020.    


See below for the full list of winners: 



Kenneth Tsang 

Mosaic Mentoring 

Nadia Hirst 

Passports with Purpose 

Sophie Tawfik 


Nicole Bao Hou 

The Producers 

Nichola Walker 

Shack Tutoring 

Madison Phillips 

Wellness Warriors 

Kelly Yoon 

Yellow Shirts 

Selina Le Khac 

Arc Street Team 

Kevin Gazali 





Club Name 

Club of the Year 


CSE Society 

Regular Club of the Year 


Wandering Society 


Highly Commended 




Ministry of Dance Society 




Constituent Club of the Year 


Civil and Environmental Engineering Society 


Highly Commended 

Accounting Society 

New Club of the Year 




Highly Commended 

Cloud Services and Marketing Society 



Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 



Italian Society 

Off Campus Club Activity of the Year 


Blue Mountains Trail Running Camp - Campus Runners 


Highly Commended 

Accounting Society - Professional Development Program 



Civil and Environmental Engineering Society - Professional Development Retreat 



Wandering Society - Karloo Pools and Kangaroo Creek Walk 

On Campus Club Activity of the Year 


CSE Society - Hackathon 2019 


Highly Commended 

Accounting Society - Mock Recruitment Process 



Chinese Debating Club - 12th Huaxia Cup - International Chinese Debating Championship 



Civil and Environmental Engineering Society - CevBuddy Mentor Program 



Civil and Environmental Engineering Society - 2019 First Year Camp Recap 


Highly Commended 

Wandering Society - Karloo Pools and Kangaroo Creek Recap 



Marketing Society - Bad and Boujee Pubcrawl 



Marketing Society - Bad and Boujee Pubcrawl 


Highly Commended 

Computer Enthusiasts Society - 2019 Hoodie Design 



Vietnamese Students Association - Hoodie Design 


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