Start A New Club

Have you looked around for the club that truly speaks to you but have been unable to find it?
Don't contemplate what might have been - set up a new club!

We know you're excited to get started but before we can affiliate your club we just need you to check a few things first:

1. While we would all love two Nicholas Cage Appreciation Societies, sadly there can be only one. Your club should be original and not clash with any of the current clubs and what they do. Have a look at our Clubs List to make sure your idea isn't already being done! 

2. Make sure your Aims and Objectives speak to the intended experience of what the club would offer and be specific. If people don't know what your club stands for, they probably won't join!

3. Your club needs to be run by and for UNSW students (however, non-UNSW students can still join as affiliate members!)

4. Let us know if you want Fast-Tracked Affiliation! There's more details in the form below, but it's intended to get your club up-and-running as quickly as possible!

Once you've checked all these, send us your new club idea via the link below:

Next Steps

After you've submitted your idea to us, the Clubs Team will be in touch with you about how to proceed - we'll have a meeting with you and your potential team to so you can get to know us and so we can give you a crash course in how to run a club.

Any Questions?
Contact the Clubs Team via email on or call (02) 9065 0930, Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm.