Arc @ UNSWAD and AD Space invite UNSW Art & Design students and Staff to submit proposals for exhibitions in 2019. Applications are now open for exhibition in February - June 2019.

We encourage submissions from and across all disciplines from prospective exhibitors, curators and class programs. 

For any enquiries related to your application, the Gallery coordinator, Anna May Kirk, is at AD Space Monday & Tuesday and can be contacted via email.

AD Space

AD Space is run by and for UNSWAD students. It is an “artist run” space staffed and funded by Arc @ UNSW Ltd. AD Space is situated on the UNSW Art & Design campus on the Ground Floor of E-Block. 

We aim to provide a venue for UNSWAD’s diverse student population to explore their practice whether it be Fine Arts, Media, Design, Art Theory or Curating and Cultural Leadership. We aim to foster professional practices and experience in the coordination of exhibitions, and promote the variety of disciplines available at Art & Design. We also provide a forum for critical dialogue and debate, and we encourage interdisciplinary as well as experimental work.

AD Space is also interested in proposals that challenge or don’t necessarily fit the traditional exhibition format - performance, forums, workshops, and so on.

AD Space management

Applications are reviewed by the AD Space Coordinator whose aim is to develop an exhibiton program that is representative of the variety of disciplines and different experiences of students on campus. 

The AD Space Coordinator is a part-time member of Arc staff tasked with overseeing the safe installation and de-installation of exhibitions as well as supervising opening nights.

The Coordinator also aims to be of assistance to prospective exhibitors in terms of providing information and feedback on the application process.

AD Space is also open to students interested in learning more about the coordination and installation of exhibitions. To volunteer, email the AD Space Coordinator, 

How to Apply?

1) Fill out the following application form with your support material. Please include a range of preferred dates for exhibiting (unless you have confirmed exact dates with the AD Space Coordinator prior), bearing in mind that the provision of gallery minders is your responsibility.

2) Write a conceptual rationale no longer than one A4 page, taking care to detail what you intend to do within the gallery space and how you intend to install your work. You may also attach sketches or a diagram of your proposed exhibition layout. 

3) Artists’ statement/s for each individual or collective of approximately 100 words.

4) Provide visual support material, preferably one PDF document or PowerPoint presentation per exhibition application (these images must pertain to the work you intend to exhibit.) 

- Solo exhibitions must include between 2-6 examples of visual support material, preferably of the work you are planning to exhibit.

- Group exhibitions must must include a minimum of 4-6 visual examples of exhibiting artists’ works, maximum of 10. 

5) Please ensure that you have read all the information in this pack and that you are aware of all the requirements and responsibilities. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

The AD Space Coordinator looks for structured, meaningful, and conceptually considered proposals with a feasible projected outcome which has evaluated the possibilities and limitations of the gallery space. The more concise, well thought out and visually supported (through the provision of documentation) the application, the better improved your chance of acceptance into the exhibition program. 

Opening Hours & Minding

•  The gallery MUST be open during the advertised gallery opening hours. There will be no exception.
•  The gallery open hours are Wednesday to Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday 11am-4pm.
• The exhibitor/s is/are responsible for minding the gallery for the duration of the show. If you are unable to mind the gallery at any particular time, please tell the Gallery Coordinator before your opening so we have time to find help for you.
• Financial penalties apply and will be taken from your bond if gallery hours are not kept. 

Assessment Criteria

  • The clarity of your proposal.
  • The quality and consistency of the support material provided and its ability to effectively demonstrate the aims of the proposal as well as your overall practice.
  • The conceivability of the project - the scope of the proposal must be viable to produce and/or implement within the space and time frames elected in the Application Form. 

Financial Information

• A Bond of $200 is required to secure space at AD Space. This bond is payable upon receipt of contract where the exhibition proposal is accepted, paid to the Arc @ A&D Manager, Kieran Bulter at the Arc @ A&D Office.

• All other exhibition and opening night expenses are the responsibility of the artist/s including opening night refreshments and any equipment required not normally provided by the gallery.

• The price of works for sale will be determined by the artist/s and will include the 25% Gallery commission and GST (where the artist/s are registered with an ABN).

Arc @ A&D Grants are not available for exhibitions at AD Space.

What Next?

•  You will be contacted by email or phone with the results of your application as soon as possible after the exhibition proposal review meeting.

•  If your application is accepted, you will receive an AD Space Contract and exhibition information pack, which you will be required to sign stating that you have read, understood and agreed with all the conditions of use and bond requirements. It is the exhibitor/s responsibility to ensure that the contract is signed and returned by the set deadline along with the required deposit fees. 

•  If the deposit fees are not paid and the contract is not received before the set deadline, the exhibition timeslot may be forfeited.


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