Kudos To You: No.6 Napier St Farewell


110% Collective, Anti-Annual Collective, Jenny Anagnostopoulos, Dennis Golding, Kuba Dorabialski, Amala Groom, Cakes by Hoogy, Karam Hussein, Soda_Jerk, Luke Letourneau, David Lobb, Loc Nguyen, Claudia Nicholson, Naomi Segal, Miranda Samuels, Justin Shoulder, Alexander Tanazefti, Marian Tubbs, Louise Zhang, and Eleanor Zurowski

To say thank you and farewell for Kudos Gallery's time at Saint Sophia hall we're saying Kudos To You. Kudos to our community for making Saint Sophia Hall an unforgettable experience for so many. We've lined up a pretty special week-long program of friends to celebrate all the memories and to tide us through this changing time. This farewell program is curated by Kudos Coordinator Audrey Pfister.


Monday 7th December 6pm (online)
A(r)t work: conversation series
Small discussion between a few recent Kudos Gallery workers - Coordinators, Interns, Volunteers, and Exhibitors - reflecting on their time at Kudos Gallery.
Jenny Anagnostopoulou, Kieran Butler, Luke Letourneau, Loc Nguyen, Audrey Pfister, Miranda Samuels, and Naomi Segal.


Tuesday 8th December 11am – 1pm
The walls are yours
Today’s the first day of the week we will open the gallery for visitors to come along and write, paint, graff, or draw on our floating gallery walls! Materials will be provided.

Kudos Trivia
Open from 2pm. Closes December 16th. 

Quiz yourself on Kudos Gallery knowledge here! We've got 22 questions for the 22 years that Kudos has occupied our Napier St building. Doing the trivia puts your name in the running to win a $100 Art Scene voucher to be announced next week! ps. score in the 16-22 bracket to have your name go in the draw twice! 


Wednesday 9th December 11 – 6pm
Kudos Gallery Memento
From 11:30am we will have breadsticks baked by Eleanor Zurowski for visitors to takeaway and eat (BYO dips). We will be giving away limited edition Kudos Gallery t-shirts – choose from three different designs made by David Lobb, Alexander Tanazefti, or Louise Zhang!! Kudos Gallery look we will have a photobooth in the gallery for you to solidify your ~ I visited Kudos Gallery ~ look. Dedicated gallery walls will be accessible for visitors to draw and paint on.


Thursday 10th December 11 – 6pm
Kudos Gallery Cinema
We will have screenings of past video works from artists; 110% Collective, Kuba Dorabialski, Dennis Golding, Amala Groom, Soda_Jerk, Claudia Nicholson, Justin Shoulder, and Marian Tubbs. On display alongside the screenings will be a new video projection onto paper topography work from Karam Hussein. Gallery walls will still be accessible for drawing on.
[Eventbrite link to come]

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Friday 11th December
Anti-Annual Collective pop-up 11-6pm open gallery 6-8pm talks and drinks

Pop-up and information day from a UNSW A&D student collective boycotting the 2020 Annual graduate exhibition. 

"; marks, signs, objects, footprints ~ passages & currents ~ what is it that is left behind

what is it that pushes us forward? TRAILS is a pop-up exhibition exploring and archiving the political context of the Anti-Annual student boycott. TRAILS seeks to open a window into the collection of attitudes, emotions, grievances and political extensions of why in 2020 we're ANTI- annual!"


Eventbrite 6-8pm


Saturday 12th December 11 – 4pm
Kudos Gallery Cinema (+ Cake!)
Film screenings will continue. Delicious GF/V fun Kudos Gallery cake from Cakes by Hoogy at 12pm. Gallery walls will still be accessible for drawing on. 

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Read the full story on how Kudos is transforming in 2021 here

We know how important this space has been to our community, and we’re just as heartbroken to see it go, so please share with us your testimonials, favourite memories, or sentimental goodbyes here.


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