Genelly Abecina 

Hand lettering / Calligraphy 

Favourite song to get down to?

Falling - HAIM

How did you get your start as an artist? 

I’ve always loved the art of hand lettering so I went out and bought a couple of materials to get me started. I only took this on as a hobby but it became more than that so I kept practicing and practicing till I got a bit better. I taught myself watching YouTube tutorials and buying worksheets so that really helped me. 

Name some projects/ collaborations you’re are currently working on and how these came about. 

Right now I’m currently holding workshops for adults and kids which I enjoy so much. Love meeting new people who have the same passion as me in hand lettering. In terms of projects, I’ve worked on painting floral card sets, quotes for Father’s Day and a couple wooden signs for events. 

Describe some of your favourite past works, and what made them meaningful. 

My favourite work that I did recently was a timeline I did for my Church. It’s the timeline from creation to the new creation in the bible. It’s something we are going through together as a congregation. 

Tell us a little bit about your creative process. 

I like to look online and get ideas to make my work creative and stylish. It’s a way for me to practice as well. With hand lettering you need to practice everyday otherwise you get pretty rusty. I also like experimenting with different types of paints to get some colour in my work. 

What themes do you explore in your work? 

I tend to move towards the floral side of things like painting wreaths and making colourful backgrounds. I’m starting to teach myself how to draw too which I think needs more practice! 

Can you talk about your online presence? 

I don’t go online so much these days, I would only publish what I think looks good or will help others in their journey with hand lettering. I also do online tutorials through insta video from time to time which engages people and helps them practice. 

How do you view the role of social media to artistic practice? 

I think it’s good in a way to get an artistic view from people, it helps you grow and helps you what you need to improve on. I do however ask only a few people online for feedback. 

What are some other artists you love? 

I admire this guy named Larry Stammers on IG “Signvision”. His work is amazing!! His work is so flawless and his consistent. 

What does the future hold for you? Which upcoming collaborations/projects are you most excited about and how do you see your practice developing? 

At this stage, I’m quite happy where I am and what I’m doing which is just a variety of things like hand painting cards, lettering quotes, wooden signs and holding workshops. Maybe one day I’d like to have a small studio where I can hold all my classes and teach. 

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