Millie Hall


Illustrator, designer, textile and collage creator

Name, age and favourite song to get down to.

Millie Hall, 28. My all time favourite album is Mariah Cary’s “The Emancipation of Mimi”, I always put it on when I need to get shit done.

How did you get your start as an artist? 

I grew up with an artist for a dad so I was constantly surrounded by art, books, infinite art materials and lots of encouragement to be messy and make things. As a toddler it was always my job to draw the pubic hair on the naked ladies that my dad would draw in the sand- igniting my passion for drawing pubes. I started making money off things that I’d made/drawn in about 2011 when I started my range of obscene greeting cards.

Name some projects/ collaborations you’re are currently working on and how these came about.

I’m currently in a little show at Something For Jess Cafe in Chippendale until the first week of May. It’s my first time putting any of my designs on a wall and has been a cool way to re-think the way I approach my work.

I’m also working on a (very unofficial) collaboration with Lowes. I’ve created a range of felt appliquéd jumpers covered in Aussie slang and animals.

Describe some of your favourite past works, and what made them meaningful. 

I love everything while I'm making it then after I’m finished I’m over it, just like a man after he’s ejaculated.

Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

Usually I start my day with a coffee and a book, get to work on monotonous tasks like packing orders or sewing, the more boring the task I’m doing, the more new ideas I have. Most of my ideas come from conversations with my friends or stupid jokes that I have with myself. I also find that every time I get dumped I get really good ideas while I'm crying.

What themes do you explore in your work?

The major themes in my work: genitals, bodily fluids, nihilism, sex, Australiana. 

Can you talk about your online presence?

Deviantart>Tumblr>Etsy>Instagram. I really only use Instagram these days It’s pretty much a real-time business card. It’s been such a good way to meet other creative people too.

How do you view the role of social media to artistic practice?

Social media has made art really accessible to all sorts of people and for the artist it has become such an easy informal way to make some cash from their work. The shitty thing about images being so easily shared is that soulless corporations (*ehem* Zara, Topshop,Walmart etc etc.) will steal your work.

What are some other artists you love? 

My all time favourite artist is probably Louise Bourgeois.

What does the future hold for you? Which upcoming collaborations or projects are you most excited about and how do you see your practice developing? 

I never really plan more than a week ahead so I’m just going with the flow for now. I have vague plans to release more jumpers, patches,cards and small range of one-off appliquéd denim jackets.

Links to buy your work? or on Instagram @milliehall

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