Friday brought an absolute onslaught of new music, to the point that it bordered on overwhelming. To make sure you don’t lose track of it all, here’s a quick guide to some of the best brand-new music around.

Boy Pablo - Soy Pablo (EP)

Norwegian online sensation Boy Pablo has blessed us with his second EP. It features seven songs, including previously released singles ‘Sick Feeling’ and ‘Losing You’, that showcase the playful, loveable music we’ve come to expect. Prior to its release, Pablo and his band opened up a hotline for fans to call in and listen to the unreleased music, leave a message, or even play FIFA with them.

But while Pablo and the boys have kept their youthful enthusiasm flowing through this latest set of tracks, they show new levels of musical ability and maturity that add another dimension to the songs. No doubt having grown through steady touring across Europe and the US, Soy Pablo takes the catchy hooks and jangly guitars to another level.

Last Dinosaurs - Yumeno Garden

This week’s Album of the Week comes from Brisbane band Last Dinosaurs, and it’s their first album in three years. The Dinos have been off finding themselves - or losing themselves - in Japan, working on a response to the band’s psychedelic sophomore record, 2015’s Wellness. It’s a return of the ever-so-smooth vocals and sing-along indie rock that we’ve come to love. The key difference with Yumeno Garden, though, is that it finally feels like Last Dinosaurs are comfortable in their own skin. Every cascading layer of guitars, every dream-like line of lyrics feels like it is earning its place, that it belongs to be there. This is Last Dinosaurs as they were meant to be heard.

Wharves - Sooner or Later (EP)

Having recently played Gigs in the Garden at the Roundhouse, it’s already common knowledge that Wharves are a pretty solid band. With their EP’s first single, ‘High School Hero’, they drew from the giants of rock to deliver a bold, swaggering statement that showed they meant business. Now, with the rest of the EP’s songs out, we get the full picture. Opening track ‘Mo’s Desert Clubhouse’ is dark and funky, with both the shoutout to the Beastie Boys and the chorus line ‘It’s not a crime to dance’ making their intention pretty clear: Wharves are going to dance, and they don’t care who’s watching. This is so much more than the sum of its influences, it’s an incredibly well-crafted, unique collection of songs. Sooner or Later just couldn’t be made by anyone else. This is Wharves: groovy, loud, effortlessly cool.

Odin Malchik - Certain People, Certain Words

Our fave Odin Malchik has shared the opening track to his upcoming debut album, and it will blow you away. It builds up slow, with the twinkling of a piano shining out from underneath a pulsating bass line. As Malchik’s vocals begin, so too does the roar of a guitar, and the song swirls to life, sounds moving to form dark and fascinating shapes. There’s an undeniable swagger to this song, it feels like the kind of music Oasis should have been making around their Be Here Now era. It shows another astonishing dimension to Malchik’s catalogue, and leaves me counting down the days until this album comes out.

Kurt Vile - One Trick Ponies

Folk master Kurt Vile brings us the third single from his album Bottle It In, due this Friday. Following the incredible 10-minute ‘Bassackwards’, ‘One Trick Ponies’ is what Vile has dubbed the album’s ‘pop hit’. Featuring backing vocals, piano, and a hint of saxophone, ‘One Trick Ponies’ feels like the kind of song that was destined to be sung around a campfire with your closest friends. It’s sure to keep your foot tapping and your mouth grinning as you undoubtedly keep humming its catchy chorus throughout the day.

Courtney Barnett - Small Talk

Melbourne rocker Courtney Barnett has shared a song that just missed the cut on her second album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, which was released earlier this year. Unlike that album’s louder, angrier songs, ‘Small Talk’ calls back to the relaxed, everyday style of Barnett’s early work. She plays a casual song on her guitar, accompanied by friends on drums, bass and keys, while over the top are lyrics that may well have been taken directly from a conversation Barnett has had. It’s just good fun, really.

Pond - Sixteen Days

Perth psychedelic outfit Pond have delivered us the groovy ‘Sixteen Days’, a follow up to the eight-minute-long ‘Burnt Out Star’, likely from an as-yet unannounced album. While ‘Burnt Out Star’ slowly gathered momentum, ‘Sixteen Days’ gets straight to work. It brings some of the dazzling energy from songs like ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’ from their previous album, but also shows another step towards electronic instruments and synth-pop, with the use of vocoders in the chorus giving it a sci-fi quality. Overall, it’s a good sign. It appears the band are building off their incredible 2017 album The Weather to bring us unique songs, both experimental and instantly likeable.

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