5 Chill and Cute Mobile Games To Play

by Prudence Dodds

There are two kinds of people in this world. Casual players who game to distract themselves or pass time, and professional players who play their favourite franchises developed for mobile devices. I lied, there is a third category, and they are gamers like me who just adore absolutely anything with cute or ’kawaii’-like visuals.

When most people think of mobile games, they think of generic characters, lagging graphics, or puzzle games with overly dramatic (and annoying) story-telling ads. But for me, the worst crime of all is that there are games with seriously poor graphic designs. For video games to be good, visuals don’t have to be amazing or out of this world, but there is something infuriatingly agitating about lifeless, laggy figures moving around your screen.

So, if you also understand these struggles or are looking for some hidden games to try, here are some chill mobile games that are free to play and, most importantly, have ridiculously cute visuals!

Cats & Soup

It's just cats making soup, with wholesome and adorable animations and visuals. Need I say more? If you’re still not convinced, there may or may not be a cat tower full of cute kitty rooms to customise, accessories to dress your fluffy kitties up in and fun mini-games to keep you entertained. All this cuteness is bundled up in the middle of a forest for that lost-in-nature aesthetic.

Cats & Soups is an idle game for guaranteed chilling. It mostly consists of unlocking food prep stations and assigning a new cat to prepare ingredients or to cook. Don’t forget to buy them trampolines to bounce on and flower fields to frolic in so that they work happily, because they’re definitely not unpaid cute cat slaves. Once you’ve finished your upgrades, you can watch your cat-run business grow by selling your cat’s creations, earning money, and unlocking new items or combinations of dishes. Most importantly you can name each cat and feed them the fish you catch, which levels up their friendship with you. Simply put, this game is perfect for those who want a game full of cuteness overload or a nice little serotonin hit for the day.

The only complaint I have is that I simply refuse to watch thirty billion ads to gain double production speed for a couple of minutes, unlock all limited-season items and earn double rewards on my creations. But at least the ads aren’t shoved in my face.


Cookie Run: Kingdom

Some days I can’t decide if I want to play idle games or adventure games, and Cookie Run: Kingdom is the perfect combination of both. You form a party of cookies that are on a journey to restore the old cookie kingdom and collect more cookie friends along the way. If that isn’t adorable, I don’t know what is!

There are several modes you can focus on. The main two are the story or adventure mode, or the idle village life. You can boost the power of your cookies and challenge each level to progress through the story. If you get bored of that, you can build your own kingdom. You start by building up gingerbread houses and watch all your collected cookies walk around and partake in village life, whether they make or bake materials for your adventure mode or race around and interact with decorative sets you built for them.