BY Alina Amir

If you clicked on this article because you’ve run out of activities to do, I’m here to suggest a couple of great, binge-worthy, Webtoons that you will be obsessed with.

For those of you who may not know, a Webtoon is a digital comic originating from Korea, also called Manhwa. It is similar to Manga (For any weebs reading this) but include a single strip and are usually coloured. Webtoon has also played a role in the Global Korean Wave, and due to the immense popularity, there is also an increasing amount of Western Webtoons now available.

I have decided to do everyone a favour and compile a list of 5 Webtoons to read when you have nothing else to do. This list is not my personal opinion but contains a variety of genres and art styles.

Tower of God

Creator: SIU ---- Genre: Action, Fantasy

The first on this list is an extraordinarily popular Webtoon that centres around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Baam who chases his childhood friend, Rachel, following her desire to climb to the top of the Tower. The art is mesmerising adding to the beauty of the fight sequences, the challenges at every level are complex and interesting, and the mystery of the Tower will certainly have you want to keep going.

This Webtoon has also been adapted to an anime, season one of which has already been released.

Sweet Home

Creator: Youngchan Hwang, Carnby Kim ---- Genre: Thriller, Horror

For anyone who loves torturing themselves with a good horror, Sweet Home may be the perfect Webtoon. The story revolves around protagonist Hyun Cha who has been infected by monsterisation, a deadly mutation that has taken over the World. All he has is a handmade electric spear to survive the apocalypse.

This is one of the few Webtoons on this list that have been completed consisting of only 14 episodes. The intense story line mixed with the sombre art style and disturbing monsters will make you feel perfectly uncomfortable. Exactly what you would expect from a good horror and exactly what you don’t want to read alone at night.

Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell

Creator: unfins ---- Genre: Comedy

The story is as ridiculous as the title suggests. Paul is an average teenager who decides the only way he could have the girl of his dreams is by summoning a demon from the depths of Hell to give him love advice. Surely, he has to know something.

In this hilarious webtoon, the characters are all interestingly strange with a plot so ridiculously crafted and intertwined that you cannot help yourself but laugh. For days you want to relax and read a funny Webtoon, you might want to consider Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell.

Back to You

Creator: Honey B ---- Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Unlike the previous Webtoons on this list, Back to You is a little more on the romance/fantasy side. It focuses on Hayoung after she gets involved in an unexpected accident and ends up travelling 10 years into the past. There she meets her first love again and is given the chance to save his life. It is up to her to decide how many people’s fates she wants to change.

The art style is bright and beautiful, the story is intriguing with a fascinating suspense to the time travel. If you like romance, drama with a sprinkle of time travel, you might want to give this one a try.

Spirit Fingers

Creator: Han Kyoung Chal ---- Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-Life

On the more wholesome side of the spectrum, there exists Spirit Fingers. This Webtoon follows the story of 18-year-old Amy Song, who joins an eccentric art club called Spirit Fingers. They meet up on Sundays to draw croquis and with their help, Amy discovers a newfound appreciation for herself.

The art style is unique in this one, with the use of pastel colours. Plot-wise, it is a breath of fresh air from all the complex plotlines on this list and if you’re looking for that jolt of self-esteem, this might be the Webtoon for you.

Honourable Mentions

A few other Webtoons that didn’t quite make the list include Lookism, Odd Girl Out, Flow and Omniscient Reader.

If you didn’t like any of the Webtoons mentioned above, that’s alright! You can simply sign up to LINE Webtoon on either the website or the app, browse by genre and you’ll find an endless list of Webtoon. Perhaps, one of them might pique your interest.