Top 5 Clubs to Change the World

Ever wanted to make a difference whilst at UNSW? Our large variety of charity clubs allow you to make a positive impact in society! Here are our top 5 clubs for you to change the world whilst studying at UNSW!

Hepatitis B Free UNSW

Through raising awareness and holding fundraising events, this society helps to reduce the prevalence of Hepatitis B in Australia and overseas. Club members could be provided with the opportunity to educate and vaccinate people in disadvantaged countries.

One for the World

One for the World provides students with recommendations of the most effective charities to donate to. Through joining this society, you will learn about One for the World’s movement and impact on society.

Project Hope UNSW

Project Hope UNSW aims to improve the lives of underprivileged children living in the poorest regions of China through improving their education and wellbeing. Students can get involved through purchasing from Project Hope UNSW’s fundraising stalls as well as attending social events. 


UNSW Giving Sight Society

Students can fundraise and raise awareness of vision impairement and global avoidable blindness through joining the Giving Sight UNSW society. With regular game nights and trivia nights, you’ll get the opportunity to have fun and make new friends whilst changing the world.

Save the Children UNSW Student Action Group

Save the Children targets students with a passion for children rights. Students can get involved through volunteering, attending fundraising events and raising awareness of children’s rights to survival protection, development and participation.