The deadlines in described in this section are only relevant if your AHEGS Recognition is supported by Arc Clubs. If your AHEGS is managed/supported by a faculty or other department, you will need to check with them for what your submission deadlines are.

AHEGS Recognition is generally updated at the end of each academic year. The details for the contributing members of a Club that should be receiving AHEGS should be submitted by the end of Term 3 through the Contributing Members Recognition Form. Since you need to include when the contributing member finished with their role's responsibilities, this also means you generally need to wait until after your Annual General Meeting when the exec team is swapped to the new incoming team.

If you run an AHEGS Recognised Club Program, then you will need to submit the details for the participants of your program via the Club Programs AHEGS Recognition Form after they have completed your program. This does not necessarily have to be at the end of the year and you should submit as soon as the program is completed by the participants.

In the case of someone graduating before the end of the year, they may need to request an updated statement from UNSW Advantage early for the relevant AHEGS Recognitions to be included. Make sure to inform your members about this if you know they're graduating before the end of the year!