For the contributing members of a Club to receive AHEGS Recognition, the Club must first receive approval from UNSW Advantage to become AHEGS Recognised. Once you get this approval to become an AHEGS Recognised Club, this is an ongoing status and you do not need to reapply each year to maintain it. However, if your Club becomes inactive then this AHEGS Recognised status will lapse and you may need to reapply after the Club is restarted again.

You can see if your own Club is currently AHEGS Recognised or not by checking the list of Clubs on the AHEGS Contributing Member Recognition Form. Only already AHEGS Recognised Clubs will appear as options for this form.

To apply for approval to become an AHEGS Recognised Club, you'll need to submit the AHEGS Nomination Form.

AHEGS Nomination Form Submission Guide

The AHEGS Nomination Form was designed primarily for UNSW departments to submit, so the language won't reflect the structure of Clubs very well. This section will address any parts that are potentially confusing or unclear. It is recommended you have the Nomination Form open at the same time so you can refer to the below as you proceed.

  • The Activity Name is your Club name.
  • The Faculty/School/Division/Student organisation responsible is Arc Clubs.
  • Positions Available are not final - you can submit with what positions you know you currently have. Since Clubs will need to apply through the AHEGS Recognition Form provided by us, that is where the executive details will be completed. If you have 'custom' or 'unique' executive positions that aren't specifically listed in this form, those will fall into the "Executive Member" category.
    • Keep your position descriptions short! Imagine that you're writing it as if it's on a CV or resume - you should write only two or three clear, concise sentences at most. As a general guide, approximately 50 words.
    • Position Descriptions can only be for single roles. If you have 5 vice-presidents for example, provide a general description that is appropriate for all of them. You will not be able to 'classify' the different types of vice-presidents.
  • The Activity Category should best match what your club does, where applicable. If none apply, simply select Development Programs.
  • The Description of Activity is the description that is used to describe your Club on the AHEGS website. Keep it relatively short and clearly explain what your provide for members. You can also send an image/Club logo to to be placed on the UNSW Advantage website.
  • Link to Application Form should be a link to your main social media page/Club website. Make sure this link will be valid and accurate throughout the entire year.
  • Contact Information should be your primary Club Email (and any other relevant Club Contact details - do not provide any details of executives). Make sure all contact information you provide will be valid and accurate throughout the entire year.
  • Selection of Seven Advantages is where you select the 3 or more Advantages that your executive team feel best reflect your executive team's activities.

For the second page of the form:

  • Duration of activity refers to the estimated amount of hours a contributing club member will commit to the club.
  • Training Plan for executives refers to the Arc Clubs Executive training provided to new executives. You can upload screenshots of your completion certificates if you've already completed this training, or reference the Arc Executive Training resources:
    • Online Training Modules
    • In-Person Executive Training Presentation
    • Gendered Misconduct Training

For other contributing member roles, this will be the material and content you will provide to them as part of their training and induction.

  • Schedule of activities/events is the timetable/plan of events and activities that will be conducted by your Club. A screenshot, excel spreadsheet, or document that notes your events, activities, approximate start and end times, and involvement of nominated positions (where applicable) is acceptable. Using the previous year’s calendar of events is an acceptable method to provide this information.
  • For the Nominate Supervisor details:
    • Full Name: Arc Clubs
    • Position: Supporting Organisation
    • Faculty/School/Unit/Organisation: Arc@UNSW
    • Email:
    • Phone: 02 9065 0900 (Arc Reception)
  • For Validate Student Participation through CCOS, select No.
  • Your Risk Assessment Form is the Risk Assessment Form linked on the page itself. If ###byou will need to submit a standard ###a href="" target="_blank">Risk Assessment Form, except filled out for your general activities rather than for a specific one.
  • Senior Approval is Arc Clubs and
  • Your email should be the best email to contact you regarding this application.