All essential forms, guides, and files you need to organise your events.

Please be advised that each request form may take several business days for our team to process. Read the information on each form to find out how much time is needed before you should expect a response. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot guarantee a same day response. 



  • Risk Assessments - links to all risk assessment procedures and forms
  • Insurance - public liability insurance for your club's events. 
  • Incident Reporting - how to report an incident from a club-related event. 
  • Club Event Waivers Template - use this waiver template where there is no online registration for this event. If you do have online registration, use our template Club Events Terms & Conditions instead.
  • Club Event Terms and Conditions Template - use these Terms & Conditions on the online registration system for your event. If your event doesn’t have one, use the waiver form template instead.
  • Attendance Form - remember to take attendance at your Clubs' events! View or download the Excel spreadsheet here.


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