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Clubs & Societies are a great way to get social, get active and make the most of your time at uni. There's 300 of them, so you're spoilt for choice! Keep scrolling to catch 'em all.

French Society

Bonjour et Bienvenue to the UNSW French Society! Our Society exists to connect like minded people who want to learn and share in all things French language and culture!

You don’t have to be studying French to join the society - our speakers range from true beginners all the way to native speakers! If you are interested in language, we run weekly lessons via Zoom weeks 1-5, and hold study days specific to French courses around exam time. If you’re in it for the culture and events, we also run movie nights, trivia and an end of term Apéro! Our events are both in person and online, so everyone can join in!

We’d love you to get involved, so say Bonjour to your new squad! Connect with us on Facebook or email below.

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Anjali Tamil Society

The UNSW Anjali Tamil Society celebrates Tamil language; culture and heritage. With over 150 members, they are one of the largest cultural societies at UNSW and are active both on and off campus. Not only do they raise money for the disadvantaged students in Sri Lanka but they also have a role in maintaining the beauty and history of the Tamil culture here in Sydney. Their biggest event is called 'Oli Olli' (Light and Sound). It is a musical production staged in the Science Theatre every March. This year the production was called 'Coconut Rajini' and theyraised $27 000 for our charity UNIFUND, which provides university scholarships to vulnerable students in Sri Lanka. In Semester 2 of every year, we have The Anjali Ball, netball competitions and a stall at the International Night Market.  

Sound like a cultural experience you want to get involved with?

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Hellenic Society

The Hellenic Society, otherwise known as Hellsoc, is one of the oldest and most highly regarded societies at UNSW with over 200 members. 

As well as holding a variety of BBQ's throughout the year and other social gatherings on campus, Hellsoc holds functions for Greek university students to solidify existing friendships and create new ones. These include: island party, masquerade cocktail parties, taverna nights and day trips, as well as harbour cruises, weekend ski trips, weekend summer trips and fancy dress parties in association with the other Greek university societies of Sydney. 

In addition to this, Hellsoc is involved in the support of various Greek cultural events (including rallies, talks and cultural information evenings) and communicates with its members through email, text message and social media.

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Vietnamese Student Association

Xin Chao and welcome to 2018! VSA (Vietnamese Students’ Association) is the perfect club for you to join if you have a love for all things to do with Vietnamese culture! 

If you’re a big fan of our cuisine (does nem nuong ring a bell?), then you will enjoy the perks of a VSA membership. Not only do we bring our members free delicious Vietnamese food events every fortnight, but being a VSA member gives you the opportunity to join and participate in fun activities like soccer day and speed friending! 

As a student-run cultural club that has a home in numerous universities like UTS, Macquarie Uni, USYD and WSU, there will be many exciting opportunities to meet new people through sports, socials and charity events. 

Being a part of VSA could also give way to unique experiences like volunteering for Fairfield City Council’s Lunar New Year or even Cabramatta’s renowned Moon Festival. 

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Australia China Youth Association

We hold events throughout the year relation to our three pillars: careers (to build you professionally!), education (cultural and language exchanges!) and people-to-people exchange (free food, socials!).

In S1 ACYA have had events such as:

- Blue Mountains Day Trip: A social gathering that involved hiking in the Blue Mountains.

- Global Passport Clubs Mashup: As part of the Arc Clubs Mashup, AYCA offered a free calligraphy workshop.

- End of Semester Social: To conclude the semester, AYCA hosted a social event at Canvas Bar.

- Young Professionals Seminar: An event that aimed to provide both domestic and international students with the skills and knowledge to make the most of careers opportunities in the Australia-China space.

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Muslim Students Association

UNSWMSA is an organisation comprised of Muslim students on campus who seek to organise events, materials and discussion for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It seeks to enhance the knowledge of Islam present in the campus community as well as providing an outlet for activities and events that discuss general and current issues related to Islam and Muslims.

-To organise events for non-Muslim audiences that seek to distil a clearer understanding of Islam, to dispel negative stereotypes, to increase wider knowledge of Islam and to encourage a more reasoned and learned enquiry into Islam

-To arrange reading materials, information stalls and other mediums at campus which facilitate appropriate discourse

-To organise events for Muslim students on campus in order to promote the pursuit of knowledge regarding Islam, and in order to promote an atmosphere of engagement between Muslim and non-Muslim students on campus

-To facilitate discourse between Muslim students and the wider community on issues affecting the Muslims locally and globally

-To, at all times, foster an environment of critical thinking, reasoned discussion and respectful discourse on campus both between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Middle Eastern Food & Culture Society

We strive to bring our members together by sharing our mutual love for Middle Eastern food and Culture. We have big things planned for the year ahead including hosting the very first Middle Eastern Night Markets. Get Keen!

MESoc strives to be more than just your regular society. We want to be a family. We want MESoc to be a place where everyone feels accepted.

Want to join our fam? Just come to our next event. See you there!

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UNSW Commerce International Society

The UNSW Commerce (International) Society was founded for the purpose of enriching the lives of all students enrolled in the Bacher of Commerce (International) degree program. The society aims to leverage student's unique opportunity to experience life abroad, network with established industry professionals and build lasting relationships beyond the four-year scope of their degree. The society connects the students of the program and aims to foster a network of global citizens and strong business acumen.

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