Educational Clubs

Clubs & Societies are a great way to get social, get active and make the most of your time at uni. There's 300 of them, so you're spoilt for choice! Keep scrolling to catch 'em all.

1. Join ArcArc Members get discounted club membership! Make sure to pick up you Arc sticker and goodie bag at Arc Reception.

2. Find a ClubWith 300 clubs that range from professional to fun there are plenty to choose from. Some clubs do incur membership fees, but they’re hella worth it. 

3. Show Up: Once you’ve signed up, attend stuff! Strike up a conversation with the classic line "so what do you study?" and go from there. 

4. Level Up: Find yourself being a regular, take on experiences and roles for your development. Being an Executive looks great on your resume and employers have a sweet tooth for leadership experiences.

5. Make Up: If you're passionate about something but can’t find a club or society for it – lasso some people and create your own! Arc will give you all the resources to breathe life into it.

Educational Clubs

Graduate Student Association

GSA aims to provide a support body for current and incoming postgraduate students in both the professional development aspects and social activities. Traditional events such as Welcome BBQ at Coogee, Peer Mentoring Session, GSA Pro, Sports day, Day Trip out of town and GSA Cruise will be held. 

Students are given the means to excel in their academics through extensive support and mentoring, and there are opportunities available for them to be involved and display their leadership skills at all levels from volunteering to Executive Committee and Council. We also invite successful Business School Alumni as guest speakers at GSA Pro events to give students career path directions, industry exposure and networking opportunities. 

We strive to provide the ultimate postgraduate student experience where a perfect mix of fun activities and opportunities to excel in academics and professionalism are met.

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Accounting Society

The Accounting Society of UNSW was founded towards the end of 2011. With the support and encouragement of Peter Roebuck, The Head of School, and Arc, we were able to setup a society dedicated to keeping our members informed about graduate/internship/cadetship opportunities available in the industry. Our members are typically students that are enrolled in accounting courses at UNSW. 

We aim to prepare our members for the graduate job market through the provision of opportunities to develop relevant skills and learn more about the industry.

Some of our events and activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Mock Recruitment Events: Networking & Applications, Psychometric Brain Training, Video Interview Masterclass, Mock Assessment Centre, Mock Interview
  • A platform to network with industry professionals: Accounting Careers Fair
  • Professional skills that are highly regarded in the market: Excel Workshop, MYOB/ Xero Workshop
  • Advice on how to structure their career goals and objectives: CA Information Session, Insights into Interns Panel

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UNSW Actuarial Society

The Actuarial Society of UNSW (ASOC) is a student society tailored to provide support for actuarial students during their challenging but rewarding endeavours at university.

Throughout the year, we provide a wide range of events covering the four major areas: sport, social, academic, and careers. These events include our popular mentoring program, PASS classes, inter-university sporting competitions, BBQs, various careers seminars as well as our much anticipated annual camp and ball.

We pride ourselves on facilitating a supportive and active community that seeks to allow members to develop and attain a holistic approach to university life.

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Science Society

UNSW Science Society is dedicated to all students in the UNSW Faculty of Science. We aim to assist our fellow students by providing information about future pathways, social events, and opportunities to meet fellow Science-lovers. We run annual camps for first-year students, free food events to help broaden and establish social circles. 

We run careers night to allow science students to gain information about industry and build networks. This year we are also running our end of year ball for the second year in a row.

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Women In Engineering Society

With 1500 members, WIE UNSW Is constantly growing both in its member count, and support they’re receiving from big business around Australia. It’s not all work and no play, with movie nights, free fortnightly BBQs for members, events for each grade cohort and more chances to socialise! The group focuses on connecting alumni with current students, providing some kick ass role models in their field. You can also be a kick ass role model through their high school mentoring program, set up to encourage year 10 and female students to consider engineering and reduce the stigma around the degree!

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Advertising & Public Relations Society

If you want to make friends and gain some awesome skills that will help you in whatever field you go into, the UNSW APRS is for you. With regular events like Industry Meet & Greet, PR Pitch Competitions and heaps of free food, there's something bound to tickle your fancy. Keep updated with their vibrant Facebook page for all events and upcoming workshops! APRS welcomes members from all degrees and specialisations, with a bubbling club of over 350 members.

Whether it is public speaking or applying theoretical concepts to real life cases, APRS's pitch competitions are designed to equip their members with the practical skills that are applicable in all workplaces! Winners usually get wicked prizes such as Internships or exclusive chats to senior members of established companies.

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Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders UNSW offers students a pathway to humanitarian engineering. In Australia a large focus is to provide students from high schools and primary schools with exposure to engineering. University students are a great way of giving high school students this exposure because of recently being in their situation and also because we do engineering! We offer schools four main modules which all have a presentation followed by a focused activity. These four modules explore a large range of engineering disciplines such as Civil Engineering, Bio-medical Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering and much more! As a university student you will be part of the organisation and running of these workshops. As well as this, the workshops are very hands on and require presentation skills and these skills are not just related to engineering, so anyone (not just engineers) are welcome to join!

Alongside these workshops we have our biggest event, a week-long, all expenses paid for trip around regional NSW that we have neatly named Regioneering. At Regioneering we present the school workshops (mentioned above) but to a large variety of schools (over 50 in some trips!) going as far as places such as Dubbo, Bathurst, Newcastle and Port Maquarie! This trip generally happens in the breaks between of each semester (so one in winter and one in summer) and are both once in a lifetime opportunities. 

Engineers without Borders also offers opportunities throughout the year to visit a second/third world country to help out the rural communities that live there. When at the rural community you will help them build a solution to one of their everyday problems, whilst also experiencing their culture and background and is also definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

As well as if this, if you want to be involved in a fun, friendly group of people being involved in picnics, speaker nights (Design Summit info and Pathways to Humanitarian), movie nights, hikes, study tours (of various sustainable systems whether it be water, electricity, etc), BBQs, App Tech comp, EWB Games (social sporting comp), bake sales, local partnerships (such as SAIL) and inter-university interaction then definitely have a look at our club stall at O-Week and join! (P.S. it’s free to join).

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UNSW Consulting Club

The UNSW Consulting Club (UCC) is a student initiative proudly supported by the UNSW Business School. We aim to allow motivated students from all faculties to enhance their interests in consulting and strategy through training and participation in case competitions. We are a think-tank, a collective body where innovative ideas are created and where current business issues are discussed. UCC has openly embraced the case culture which has been growing in strength globally. Having experienced the benefits and opportunities that these case competitions have to offer, UCC has felt that UNSW undergraduate students would greatly appreciate the same spirit that we have felt. We have exciting plans to help expose as many students as possible, to promote the case culture. 

Our training structure incorporates 3 key pillars:

  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation
  • Teamwork

We offer various opportunities within the consulting sphere with case competitions, weekly training sessions, case interview preparation, and networking. As a society, we have continued to see growth in membership and witnessed the profile of UCC strengthen. Join our Facebook group or mailing list to keep up-to-date with our announcements and activities.

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Game Development Society

We aim as a society to bring together students interested in all aspects of Game Design & Development, be they Coders, Artists, Writers, Musicians, Designers or Play-Testers to come together to share their knowledge and make awesome games.

If you’re interested in game development, whether you’re experienced or new, we’d love for you to join us!

We host Weekly Game Development Sessions where you can meet other aspiring developers and designers. Our sessions are a relaxed place to talk about ideas, or to plan & collaborate or to start learning a new toolset or skill from our other members like developing with the Unity Game Engine, Unreal Engine or Construct 2. Meet the developers of Projects: Shadowwalker, Lucy, Colder Days and of course start your own game project!

Our other events include: Games Nights, awesome LAN, console and board game parties, Workshops and Game Jams.

If you’re interested in game development, whether you’d be experienced or new, we’d love for you to join us!

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University Network for Investment & Trading

University Network for Investing and Trading (UNIT) is one of the largest Finance societies in Australia. Our aim is to bridge the gap between university and the workplace by organising workshops, seminars, networking opportunities and our annual Stock Pitch Competition where students from 7 Go8 universities across Australia compete to win. 

If you're interested in trading, investment banking or anything Finance - join today to develop yourself with like-minded students!

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180 Degrees

180 Degrees Consulting is the largest student-based social impact consultancy in the world. In 2017, we intend to complete 18-24 consulting engagements for a range of charity and non-profit organisations such as Tresillian, Variety, Teach for Australia and more. Each consulting engagement will have 4 consultants and 1 team leader, all of whom are current UNSW students in either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. 

To continue to provide an excellent quality of work, we will continue to run our 180DC training program with workshops in core consultancy skills such as problem solving, issue analysis, Excel, PowerPoint and presentation skills. 

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Start-Up Link

StartUp Link offers students the opportunity to gain access into the exciting world of startups- through providing education, skill development and recruiting opportunities! Through joining StartUp Link, you're not just joining another society, you are joining an incredibly passionate student community!

Some examples of events we have held in the past include:

  • free introduction to coding workshop
  • events with incredible founders 
  • networking events with startups looking to hire students

All students from all faculties are welcome!

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