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Clubs & Societies are a great way to get social, get active and make the most of your time at uni. There's 300 of them, so you're spoilt for choice! Keep scrolling to catch 'em all.

1. Join ArcArc Members get discounted club membership! Make sure to pick up you Arc sticker and goodie bag at Arc Reception.

2. Find a ClubWith 300 clubs that range from professional to fun there are plenty to choose from. Some clubs do incur membership fees, but they’re hella worth it. 

3. Show Up: Once you’ve signed up, attend stuff! Strike up a conversation with the classic line "so what do you study?" and go from there. 

4. Level Up: Find yourself being a regular, take on experiences and roles for your development. Being an Executive looks great on your resume and employers have a sweet tooth for leadership experiences.

5. Make Up: If you're passionate about something but can’t find a club or society for it – lasso some people and create your own! Arc will give you all the resources to breathe life into it.

New South Wales Theatrical Society

If your whole world’s a stage, then you had better join the UNSW Theatre Society!

They put on several week long productions over the semester from Shakespeare to modern dramas, and there are so many ways to get involved! Learn hands on skills like lighting, sound design, set design, publicity, and acting. If you're more of a behind the scenes person there are also writing workshops held weekly, allowing you to get your creative juices flowing. Plus every Thursday they get together for “Trashi-oke” at the Regent Hotel to belt out some 80’s ballards.

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Dance DJ MC Graffiti Society

D2MG (dance, DJ, MC, graffiti) is your friendly local campus Hip Hop Society that aims to spread the love for Hip Hop and its culture! Although we focus more on our street dancing aspects (breaking, hip hop, popping, locking, waacking and house), it doesn't mean that we're forgetting about the other elements that make the culture. Established in 2002, we're keeping it real and are constantly aiming higher!

What we do?

- D2Classes: Taught by mentors and fellow students. Don't be scared - they're casual and not as formal as studio classes, and cost much much less too!

- Workshops: Much more formal and taught by real instructors from the Sydney dance scene!

- Crews: We got the performance crew and freestyle crew that's formed through auditions.

- Dance events: From dance battles to casual jam session.

- Social events: Music, food.. and maybe some drinks!

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Debating Society

If debating already wasn’t cool enough, the coolest thing about the club is the ability to meet some of UNSW’s brightest (and funniest) students. Holding weekly internals debating sessions on campus, which often include a seminar on debating skills starting at 5.30; internals begins at 6pm, plus free dinner and drinks after every debate at Coco Cubano. 

The biggest event of the year is the Launch Debates on the first Monday of Semester 2, held in the UNSW Business School Lounge.

They also hold regular tournaments before the major intervarsity tournaments on weekends throughout the year, and socials for the first year cohort in our society and our Womens’ group. With a super strong focus on diversity, affirmative action quotas for female identifying and non binary students for all of our competition contingents to ensure our debaters reflect what our university looks like, but tbh, the best thing might truly be the free aioli + sweet potato fries as Coco Cubano every week.

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Law Revue

Law Revue is not just a production — it is an experience. Whilst Law Revue is renowned for its jaw droppingly extravagant and side-splitting humorous show, what makes it one of UNSW’s most culturally important events is the year-long satisfaction it provides to its members. From memorable social events to invaluable self development, Law Revue combines the best aspects of university life into one unforgettable experience.

Open to all ages, degrees and experience levels, Law Revue prides itself in the diversity and growth of its members. Whether it’s performing in front of thousands, building a multi-thousand dollar set from nothing, cooking for hundreds, or the feels of being involved with one of UNSW’s biggest events, there is something for everyone!

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UNSW Warriors Cheer & Dance Society

The UNSW Cheer and Dance Society offers both competitive cheer and dance teams representing UNSW. We compete regularly throughout the year locally, as well as at state and national levels. This year, Nationals will be held on the Gold Coast. 2018 will be our ten year anniversary of competitive All Star Cheer and Dance!

We have a Level 2 and a Level 4 cheer team, as well as dance teams in pom, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. We promote an active lifestyle through regular trainings and physically demanding routines, as well as a strong social framework through our many social events. 

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K-Pop Society

Pop it, lock it, KPop it.

Whatever way you get down, live it up with some dance moves and culture. This society is for anyone who has an appreciation for Korean pop culture. KPop society is a society with about 500 members famous for their weekly dance workshops, on point graphic design, a much anticipated annual camp and dance competitions plus a little bit of culture on the side. So come along and get immersed in something new!

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Society of Orchestra & Pipers

SOAP provides an opportunity for members of the UNSW community to interact with like-minded musicians and develop their ensemble playing through our two groups, the orchestra and wind symphony.  

We have weekly rehearsals and each ensemble puts on three concerts during the year. This allows the wider community to engage with what we do, along with providing a chance for our members to perform on a scale that would not be possible elsewhere. 

We also run a camp, cruise, ball and various social outings throughout the year.

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Med Revue Society

Med Revue is a society for students from all faculties that aims to put on a full-scale, 2-hour comedy sketch show production over four performance nights in the Science Theatre with singing, acting, dancing and a live band during the first semester of every academic year. 

Aside from the performance, we also have different activities completed in different portfolios in order to achieve our goal. Cast will involve sketch blocks (where cast members come together to brainstorm ideas and act them out), dance and vocal blocks; Tech are involved in set design, set construction and programming sound and lighting equipment; Wellbeing are involved in cooking for the whole society during late rehearsals and many more. 

Our other portfolios also involved in costume design, video production, music arrangement and performance, merchandise and promotional material design, on-campus promotion strategies, a show program publication and many society-wide events to create a fun and safe environment for students to develop new skills and develop friendships. 

We are very much about your personal development, trying something different and having fun!

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