Built almost exclusively with branded parts, Scott bikes regularly command a higher price because they refuse to compromise on quality. Suitable for a mixture of terrains from light gravel to city roads, hybrid bikes are athletic workhorses. Get this for someone who really cares about bikes because they'll notice.


  • 3 x 8 speed Deore drivetrain
  • Aluminium frame and fork
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Continental SportContact tyres (possibly the fastest hybrid tyres on the market)

Price: $400

STOP faster than you can say it

STOP faster than you can say it

Hydraulic disc-brakes offer superior braking power and modulation, making controlling this beauty a breeze.

Be gentle when you want and aggressive when you need it. Hydraulic disc-brakes offer better feedback and control.
Built for speed AND comfort

Built for speed AND comfort

Blending the best of two worlds, have it all at your fingertips

Boasting a Deore drive-train, blend light weight and comfortable posture into a zippy package.
TURN heads

TURN heads

With a sleek paintjob and solid construction, carry and ride without a care.

This bike will keep going for years to come. Well-built and rugged, it's built to last.

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