4 Ways To Improve Your Pronunciation

By Munirah Izzah

If the letter K makes a “-kuh” sound in “key”, why does letter C also make a “-kuh” sound in “car”? And not to mention that “C” sometimes makes a “-suh” sound like in “decide”? But at the same time, “K” is silent in words such as “knee” or “knife”? 

As a non-native speaker, English pronunciation is hard for me to know intuitively...because it just makes no sense!

I will share FOUR tips that may be useful to my language learning friends.

1. Listen and copy

I found out that watching English movies and tv shows with English subtitles is the best way for me to understand the correct pronunciation of words. I would sometimes pretend that I am the character by re-enacting some scenes and repeat the phrases out loud. Also, it gives you a pretty good reason to binge on Netflix.

2. Sing along

Sometimes, singing your favorite song out loud is the way to go! Karaoke, anyone?

3. Take your time

One thing that I have learnt is that speaking fast does not equal fluency. Speaking at a normal or a slower rate with appropriate pauses, can allow enough time for me to think before speaking.

4. Find a speaking buddy!

What is a better way to improve pronunciation than practicing your English with a speaking partner? Join our Culture Café online or offline sessions to meet new people, share views and thoughts, and of course, practice your English skills.

All in all, do not be discouraged to practice because..

If you mispronounce a word, it just means that you learned the word by reading

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash