Ceramics and Emotions

Ceramics and Emotions

Curated by Elaine Kim

Joseph Turin, Elizabeth Lewis, Remy Faint, Annie Shin, Ella Tindal, Kirsty Collins, Brigitte Podrasky, Savana Hopkinson, Harry Copas, and Tika Robinson. 

Kudos Offsite at Comber St Studios

5 Comber St, Paddington

Opening night: 5-8pm 29th of March 2022

Exhibition continues: 30th March - 2nd of April (11am-6pm weekdays and 10am - 4pm Saturday)

In this exhibition, all artists used the same material of clay, but their works hold different meanings. Each artist investigates characteristics of clay and glaze. The artists found the unique texture of clay and glaze. Each artist expressed the materials, interests, bodies, and passions of everyday life through modern colours and primitive textures of ceramics. Humans live by expressing their emotions in various ways. Unfortunately, many people distort their emotions or suppress them, causing personal stress and social problems. We(Artists and curators) believe that humans should express what is inside of them through the sharing of emotions. Using ceramic works, artists visually and tactfully articulate invisible emotions and textures. The exhibition provides the audience with a rich and extensive visual and tactile experience. The current exhibition aims to ease the public’s engagement with ceramics. This exhibition aims to share emotions, communicate the artists' works and the audience. It shows how the audience can touch and feel the texture of the Artist's Interactive part of artwork newly created, functional, and expressive work and explore how the work and the depth of the artists' lives significantly impact. This exhibition is about pushing the limitations and boundaries of the material process and link pushing the boundaries to an exploration of the artist's self and textures. The exhibition allows the audience to experiment with the artist in expressionism through clay.

Elaine Kim

Elaine Kim is a Sydney-based Curator and Artist of Korean background. She sees the world through two cultures of Korea and Australia, giving her perhaps a broader scope with how she perceives the particularly visual world. She currently studying Masters of Curating and Cultural Leadership at UNSW where she got a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree. Her experiences at Kudos with her first curatorial project led her to realize her aesthetic aspirations and what kind of artworks and future exhibitions she wanted to produce.


Kirsty Collins

Kirsty Collins is a sculptor, painter and digital artist. She graduated, from the Advanced Diploma of Ceramics at NSW TAFE in Gymea, 2020. Five years ago She started ceramics as therapy after going deaf. She continues to use it as a way to play with the nuances of colour and texture as a gesture of optimism and hope. Inspired by gestural Sumi brush strokes, and Bellini’s terracotta’s, She creates phantasmagorical landscapes. Her sculpture is an extension of the Shan-Shui genre of multiple viewpoints, that she used to understand how her body moves through space and sound as a tactile sensory deaf artist.


Harry Copas

Harry Copas is studying a BFA (Honours) at UNSW Art and Design and holds a Bachelor of Teaching from ACU. History – both personal and collective – form the basis of much of his work as he investigates the overlooked or ignored through eclectic means. His research based practice spans multiple disciplines but recently is more keenly focused on the materiality of places and things. He currently lives and works on Gadigal land.


Remy Faint

Remy Faint is an emerging artist completing his Honours year at UNSW Art, Design and Architecture. His practice based on Gadigal land, Sydney, utilises global art historical sources, exploring abstraction as a tool for material investigations. By experimenting with both traditional and unconventional mediums, Faint's inquiry into indexical mark-making aims to highlight artistic processes within the production of works. Often using the material ground as a gestural device, discrepancies between the intentional or incidental, aiming to position the viewer as embodied. By working with multiple materials and surfaces simultaneously within the studio, Faint's practice becomes an act of assembling, repurposing and combining elements, culminating as re-contextualised objects.


Savanna Hopkinson

Savanna Hopkinson is an emerging, ceramic-sculptural artist, currently completing Honours in Fine Arts at UNSW Art and Design. Savanna works predominantly with clay, glass and natural fibres whilst employing methodologies of pressing, fragmenting and suspending to engage with contemporary notions of becoming. Savanna has exhibited in a number of group shows at The Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Gallery, AD Space, Randwick Community Centre and the National Gallery of Victoria and in 2018, she appeared as a guest speaker for the National Gallery of Victoria.

Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. She is a recent graduate of Fine Arts with Honours from UNSW Art + Design.
She works in expanded ceramics; made up predominantly of ceramics and painting that meet through collage and sculpture. Textural anomalies form the basis of her work across these mediums. She is particularly interested in how composting past work and collage can inform other practices materially, explored through unlikely meetings of design in her ceramic vessels. These come to form sugary works that aim to evoke curiosity in tactility and the happiness expressive imperfection.
Elizabeth was a finalist in both the Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Award and Tim Olsen Drawing Prize in 2020, has featured in group exhibitions at Gaffa Gallery and Kerrie Lowe, and took part in The Other Art Fair in 2021. Later this year she will be part of the 1000 Vases Milan exhibition.


Brigitte Podrasky

Brigitte Podrasky is an artist and designer working on Gadigal land. She is currently in her final year completing a Bachelor of Media Arts at UNSW Art & Design, majoring in Interactive Media and Sculpture. Working across sculpture, interactive installation and sound, Brigitte is interested in moments of transformation, when something exists in an undefinable state.
Brigitte follows an intuitively led practice, allowing forms to emerge organically throughout the process of making. Informed by her interest in performance and music, incorporating a sense of movement and fluidity has always been central to her artistic style.


​Annie Areum Shin

Annie Areum Shin is an emerging Korean-Australian artist based on Darug Country, Sydney. Her practice employs an ‘art for my sake’ approach to elucidate psychological processes and frameworks underlying one’s aesthetical choices and mental state. Through artmaking, she turns to queries of angst and internalisations, implications of applied psychology and fragments of the self that were birthed from them. Shin investigates abstraction, materiality and collage across painting, sculpture and installation to mimic her mental space and the dialogues that unfold within. The participatory and interactive domains of her recent works reflect her interest in sharing these self-discoveries with the public.


Ella Tindal

Ella Tindal is a ceramic artist whose work merges form with an explorative response to function. Growing up in rural NSW, Ella is influenced by the imagery and lived experience of the country livelihood. Discussing themes of tradition, essentialism and connection to land, Ella’s work showcases a coalescence of preciousness and endurance.
The clay body, glaze and ‘function’, or lack there of, is carefully considered within Ella’s ceramic works


Joseph Turrin

Joseph Turrin is a Sydney based artist working predominantly in the medium of clay. Turrin came to the medium of clay during his studies at the College of Fine Arts.

Clay provides endless possibilities to explore texture and form and this is what Turrin loves to highlight in his practice.


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