Collaborative Stream Building


125 Anzac Pde, Kensington 

(Date TBA pending current Covid-19 restrictions)

A collection of stories of objects, movements of energy and growth
(growing mushrooms at home, building wind turbines from trash, composting)
The poetics and aesthetics of autonomy

Origin stories that's influx growing and developing as culture adapts

oppressions go both ways
When I shit in a toilet I inadvertently
oppress the environment with energy used to move the faeces
I also burden the governing body that deals with my shit which takes "care" of my faeces
(Which eventually trickles down back to me through tax or rates)

That is why when you encourage a community to use compost toilets and take responsibility for their shit the autonomy becomes liberated for the creatures and people hauling the brunt of the oppression.

It also takes away from these centralised systems that have histories of abusing power

These needs become circular

Start with exploring the technological “waste”
to unpick the tangled oppressions embedded inside it.

How do we inhabit and build spaces without oppressing people we cannot see?

How do we Utilise the gallery and museum space to inhabit care for those unspoken?

Othy is a Sydney artist, working with the artists practice capacity to serve their communities needs that are cared for by industrial systems. This means using the affluence that is currently being hemorrhaged from our society through waste, hacking them to produce electricity, composting them to grow food and materials. Communalising this process developing the human connections and shared resources that sustain a practice. 



Billy Wolnicki

Part of Othy's Offsite project 'Collaborative Stream Building' includes a collaborative written text with Billy Wolnicki which will develop over the course of the exhibition.

Billy is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Art Theory/Arts, majoring in Creative Writing. Her current area of interest includes an interpenetrating consideration of community, embodiment, and language. Through her practice, she considers how autonomous spaces are assembled through the mutation or hybridisation of all three. Billy considers herself a word nerd, a people person and loves nothing more than a good chat.

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