For my Friend, Meera 

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121, 125, and 178 Anzac Pde, Kensington

Geirthana's Offsite project will be exhibiting alongside offsite projects from Othy, Yanti Peng, Chloe Kelly, and Louisa Maxim!

On For my Friend, Meera (2021); What started out as an accident, a snapshot within a roll of experimental film, without thinking much of the image, I gifted it to my friend Meera. Her perspective on my practice and the social value she undoubtedly placed into the image is something that isn't often cherished in the arts industry or even what I place in my practice. My labour and thought processes are valuable to those closest to me, and for that I name this work after my friend.

Geirthana Nandakumaran​

Geirthana Nandakumaran is caught between the shores of Thamil Eelam and Gadigal land. Having graduated with BSc/BFA from UNSW Sydney, her practice investigates her abstract notion of identity, in relation to her environment, both spatially and culturally. She predominantly works with conceptual ideas to create documentative, time based works rooted in large format photography and sculpture.


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