Yanti Peng

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121, 125, and 178 Anzac Pde, Kensington

Layering on the spaces that is our reality, and what we know as the virtual. Both perceived spaces will be invaded to resurrect the cadaver a place becomes when dormant. The exhibit takes on a mission to relieve compassion fatigue, and explore the tender spirit of care. To take over the paralysing fear and worries that occupies our mind, for even a split second. As warmth and love embraces the body while fear tantalises the head. A warmth that hides in the smallest crevice. Vulgarly takes up your vision. And, simultaneously awaits for you to unveil its existence where you daydream. A crafted care, penetrating into the cyber reality existing on your phone to that of the physical touch. To bring you to your present even for a second. Find out how warmth can exude throughout as I give you my care. Warmth! 

Yanti Peng's Offsite project will be exhibiting alongside offsite projects from Othy, Geirthana Nandakumaran, Chloe Kelly, and Louisa Maxim! 

Yanti Peng

I am Yanti Peng, 彭妍缇, a multidisciplinary designer with a love for creative directing. Focused on 3D visualisation as well as styling and photography. With visual remnants of glamour, camp and Hainan anchored in my aesthetic. I tend to place emphasis on body-wears to represent my themes. I take a very anthropological outlook within my creative process. My works are often formed by my observations of people and the emotional ties that I unearth. Investigating like a documenter is how I frame my approach. From a commercial standpoint of centring the users, to more artistic embodiments of emotional complexities. 



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