Desire Lines

Presented in association with Tracing the archipelago

10 November 2pm

Responding to Tracing the archipelago, curatorial collective Desire Lines have been invited to explore the social and structural terrains of the surrounding UNSW Art and Deign Paddington area through their itinerant methodologies. 

Desire Lines is an art series in the format of a walking tour. With a guide, audience members are led on a tour through a series of urban locations, each playing host to a performance, installation, talk or sonic experience. The event aspires to create a framework in which artists and visitors are able to navigate space in different ways.  

A flexible exhibition format that responds directly to the particularities of space, the event is predicated on notions of serendipity and staging, the meaning to be garnered lying in the exchange between visitor and the scenario they find themselves in. This modality engenders a chain reaction of objects, materials, texts, people and events in such a way that each could be interpreted as a closed thing in its own right outside of the exhibition context, as well as an integral part of its intended environment.  

Desire Lines is also a research method and a means of learning about the real potential of public territory.  

Image credit: Michael Stone

Kudos Coordinator

Abigail Montgomery

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Arc Creative

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H:10am to 5pm

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