Kudos Live: Intimate Circulations

Celeste Stein, June Miskell, Leo Tsao, Meng-Yu Yan, and Mika Benesh

Curated by Audrey Pfister + Em Size

26 April 2019

On April 26, CELESTE STEIN, JUNE MISKELL, LEO TSAO, MENG-YU YAN and MIKA BENESH will send work addressing the theme 'intimate circulations' to an audience via email or mail.
Register here before midnight 24th April to be part of the audience in receiving mail/email

Artist Statements:


I present a short diary in comic form- a snippet of life. I attempt to capture a specific, pure feeling that appears only in my dreams and meditative states. The comic includes redrawings/rewritings of fantasies and nightmares. 

JUNE MISKELL via email 

habilin ~given in trust or for safekeeping~ is concerned with modes of resilience and healing. it is a sentimental meditation on the open wounds of diaspora, identity and familial relations. unfolding through fragments of memory, conversations and personal images, this text bathes in the depths of that feeling you cannot name. 

LEO TSAO via email 

haunted by the recent deaths of my relationships, this is ghost choreography exploring queer interracial intimacy. inspired by entangled polycules, synchornised transness, ancestry.com, bachata on uneven ground and more.

MENG-YU YAN via email 

Paris is renowned for being the city of (heteronormative) love and romance - yet it also has a dark and haunting queer underbelly. My plan is to explore shutdown queer spaces such as Le Monocle in Montparnasse, which used to be a thriving lesbian nightclub in the 1930s. Trying to pick up queer ghosts throughout Paris, the work will be about my attempt to make connections through time, place, genders, sexualities, and cultures – bringing back erased histories and forgotten intimacies. (It may contain some sensitive material relating to queer death, ghosts and suicide.)

MIKA BENESH via mail 

The work will be a self-published and hand bound zine containing drawings, photographs, writing and ephemera on navigating familial intimacy through barriers of language, culture, health and ability;;; exploring transgender personhood, intergenerational trauma, Jewish masculinity, dementia, non-verbal communication methods and caring for an elderly loved one.