Wednesday, September 25th
Cement Fondu

Kudo Gallery presents Indefinite Valley an evening of performance and sound by UNSW students during the final week of VALLEY by Heath Franco at Cement Fondu.

While this event hopes to respond to the carnivalesque nature of Franco’s VALLEY, and themes of the obsessive and theatrical, it also hopes to present a flip side to the carnivalesque. That is, a focus on the gathering together of people. The intimacy of coming together to see and thoughtfully listen, and the tensions between trust and vulnerability in sharing and performing.

Art and sound by:

Fei Gao
Kate McGuinness
Yvonne Le (Devon Mer)
Alison Zhuang (Artison)
Carmen Schieb (Floral Sheets)
Brigitte Podrasky

Presented and curated by the Kudos Gallery team; Carmen Mercedes Gago Schieb and Audrey Pfister. With many thanks to Cement Fondu and UNSW Art + Design Student Council for supporting the event.


Cement Fondu
36 Gosbell St,
Paddington NSW 2021