States and Senses: artists talks with special guest Noula Diamantopoulos (artist, psychotherapist and founder of BeCause Movement NFP)

States and Senses is an interdisciplinary exhibition exploring intense emotional states that often lie hidden and unspoken—such as grief, rage, loss, fear and vulnerability. Framed by female perspectives of these experiences, States and Senses aims to open up a conversation navigating difficult emotional and sensory terrain that leads towards (inter)personal connection, validation and understanding.

Artists: Sylvia Griffin, Brooke Leigh, Markela Panegyres, Janet Passehl (U.S.) and Cecilia White

Curated by Brooke Leigh

Saturday 18 May from 1-3pm

Images: Sylvia Griffin & Ellen Dahl, I Just Couldn’t Keep Him Safe (detail), 2019, archival pigment print, 110cm x 67cm