The Mural Project

The Mural Project is your opportunity to put a stamp on the UNSW Art & Design campus!


The Mural Project is your opportunity to put a stamp on the UNSW Art & Design campus! In collaboration with UNSW Art & Design, sponsored by The Art Scene on campus, Arc is providing you with the opportunity to create a public artwork to bring our campus to life.


2021 Mural project application deadline is Friday May 21st 11:59pm.

The application form will automatically close on the deadline and you will not be able to submit a proposal beyond this date.

How to Apply

Apply Now!

Find an area of campus you think needs sprucing up. Think under awnings, inside stairwells, on walls, in corners or on ceilings. Create your design and think outside the box. We welcome paste-ups, decals, chalks and more.

  • Submit a written proposal which outlines your idea. This proposal should include:
  • a formal description of your proposal
  • the concept which informs your idea
  • the location of your mural


In addition, you must submit supporting documentation, and a budget (where relevant.) Supporting documentation should include examples of your previous work and a mockup of your proposal. This can also include reference photos of your location.

General mural supplies are located in the Arc office. You are welcome to consult with Arc about supplies on-hand during office hours. If your project uses any materials beyond those supplied by Arc you must include these as budgeted items. In this budget you will be given the option of submitting items to be covered by The Art Scene, or as personal expense.

What You Get

Your Mural will be exhibited in a public location on campus and contribute to the vibrancy of the Art & Design campus landscape. There is no fixed term for artworks to remain on sight. Your installation could be on campus for months or even years!

Arc will provide you with an arsenal of paints, brushes and spray cans for your project. Additionally, you have the option of submitting a budget of additional items from The Art Scene. Budgets will be reviewed by Arc, with quantities of unused materials returned to Arc for re-use in The Mural Project program.

Any specialist materials outside those available through The Art Scene and Arc will be provided at your own cost and need to be included in your budget.

Selection Criteria/ Terms and Conditions

Selection Criteria

Artists are selected based on application to Arc @ UNSW Art & Design.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The artist/s must be a current UNSW Art & Design student and Arc member;
  2. A full site specific- design for your worn must be submitted with your application including a photograph and description of the site on campus you wish to mark, as well as a sketch or digital image of your design, and the dimensions of your proposal;
  3. It is helpful to attach images of things you've done previously;
  4. You may submit more than one application;
  5. The completed work must be what was submitted to Arc, and changes must be discussed with the Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Manager or Co-ordinator;
  6. If the completed work is different to what has been discussed and agreed upon, Arc may request amendments to be made. If the artist/s do not comply the work may be removed;
  7. There is no fixed term for artworks to remain on site. Artworks may remain on site for a period of months to several year;
  8. Where relevant, please submit a budget with your application. Funding for supplies is limited and selected projects may only receive a partial subsidy. Anything outside fo The Mural Project's scope is to be provided by the artist/s;
  9. Upon completion of your project, any unused quantities of materials provided from Arc @ UNSW's stock must be returned to Arc;
  10. Upon completion of your project, any unused quantities of materials provided under the sponsorship agreement from the Art Scene are the artists to keep as a contribution to the continued development of your practice;
  11. A decision on the outcome of your application will be made by the selection committee no more than one month after the closing deadline of the mural project.



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