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There are many options for housing and accommodation while you study at UNSW.

Campus Accommodation

There are many benefits to living on campus including value for money, easy access to campus facilities and support within a fun and friendly environment. A variety of room types and apartments are available including catered colleges, self-catered university apartments or privately run colleges on (or very close) to campus. University accommodation should be prearranged as places are limited. 

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Accommodation Providers 

Living on campus at UNSW Australia provides more than just a place to live. It provides a home - as supportive, safe and secure as a true home should be. More than this, it provides a community lifestyle that encourages the new friendships and experiences that are essential to a fulfilling University life. Being on campus at UNSW is about being a part of a community.

The UNSW Apartments are located either on-campus or off campus and are designed for independent living for undergraduates and postgraduates, including couples and families with children. All of the independent living accommodation at UNSW is within easy reach of the city centre, Sydney's white beaches and blue waters, Centennial Park, Sydney Airport, major shopping areas and bus routes.

Special accommodation arrangements must be made for students under 18 years of age. These requirements are in line with the Australian Government regulations for the care and welfare of international students under 18.

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Accommodation on UNSW campus

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